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Welcome to custom Bases! We hope you enjoy your time here!


-Don't Spam, it's not cool

- Don't ask to be a mod. It's really annoying.

- Art theft will not be tolerated. Anyone stealing art will be banned.

- If you want to use a base, please ask before you take.

- Don't rush or push anyone. If you do so, your request will be cancelled.

- No pornographic content!!! You will be banned and the picture will be deleted.

-no bad language

-if you want a to enter anything don't keep asking to be in the picture, you will be removed if you do so

-don't abuse anyones opinions because we all have them

-anyone can post if they want but it has to be suitable for this community

-please don't bug anyone to make a base, you will be removed if you do, just ask politely

-respect everyone, we're all people here

-dont judge anyone because they are alicorns, you can be whatever you want to be

-and remember to have fun

side notes:

-mods have to obey rules so dont think that there better than you

-if you have a question then just ask it, dont be shy

-in this community everyone is considered a friend

If you disobey any of these rules, you will be banned (for rushing anyone, you will have 3 warnings and then you will be banned).

Mods and Owner:

+Tia Ferguson
+Lolliepooplol (Owner)
+Katherine Rose-Desrochers​​
+Sparkleshine Productions
+lilac 101

Ask us anything! ​BTW, if there are any rules I might have missed, feel free to add any rules.

+Lolliepooplol​​ do you mind if I make a drawing of my OC and yours?

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+Lolliepooplol​ here is for the war base. Her CM is a paint brush

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the first four commentors will be modertators

Heyyyy! Thanks for the invite! ❤️❤️❤️

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if you want to be in this base just enter

Could you make a battle base? Like two ponies fighting?

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