Good bye G+

:) Has u'r MS meds been reduced due 2 the "Opioid Crisis"?

:) I'm do'n Well & Wish'n Every1's feel'n alittle Better & Stronger Everyday this new year! Thank God 4 u'r Every Ability 2 do Any & Everything!

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She said "or twice daily, amirite?" And I lost my shit. 🤣

Happy New year everybody!!

Thanks for adding me. My name is Bill, I have been recently diagnosed with MS. Kind of scary. I've been googling all over trying to get a handle on this. Kind of an expensive disability.
Well thanks again.
Bad news about Google+.

Question here, earlier I had a super dark coffee from a popular coffee store thinking it may give me some energy or get me hyper and get a lot of stuff done but in reality the effect was none to very minimal and yeah that coffee was super dark, has anyone else experience that ? I mean I actually think I get a better effect from sugar even know I'm trying to cut as much sugar as I can but yeah

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Found out today I have diabetes. Actually, my oncologist told me last Friday. After I mentioned it to my PCP, she informed me that my sugar numbers have been high the last three months. I start with a new pcp Monday and hopefully everything will be under control.
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