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Guidelines of the G+ Multiple Sclerosis Community

We are hoping that this Multiple Sclerosis Community unlike others, will be the place where People who have MS can come to share their experiences, give and get advice, support each other in an understanding and helpful manner and feel comfortable in the knowledge that we are all in this together.

We all have our own ideas and beliefs that should be respected, though not forced on to other Members, no one likes that. For this reason, it's important we formulate some Guidelines on what is appropriate so that everyone feels welcome and understands from the start what's acceptable and what's not acceptable, Thanks for your understanding of why this is necessary, if you're unsure ask a Moderator please.

Spam this includes bombarding members with your own agenda and private message spam
Selling goods or services big no, no, we can all use Google
Advertising other Communities why not participate in this one?
No discussion of Politics or Religion it's polarising and not welcomed
No soliciting for donations it's the Internet we don't know who you are, if there is a good cause from a respected and well known organisation, this may be allowed if posted by an Active Member at the discretion of the Moderators only
Abuse of other members pretty obvious really
No Referral links

WHAT WE ENCOURAGE from members
Participation please don't post something, then never return, it's downright rude, if you're just looking for hits to your own website, this is not acceptable, participate on the community please!
Please choose the correct Category when Posting it makes it easier for Members to view what interests them.
Members experiences and advice chime in, help answer other members queries and questions, it's what communities are about, helping each other and supporting each other dealing with this crappy disease.
Personal Posts and Experiences these are far more valuable than images with text on them or memes etc. Tell us your own thoughts rather than posting an image with random quotes and words that have been shared thousands of times for years, yep many of us see the same things posted over and over and over again in our own streams.

Further to the above
We no longer allow private blogs to be posted in this community, 99% of bloggers never return to answer comments in the community - they have no interest in participating in the community other than posting links to their blogs, there are certain blogs we will allow but they need to be relevant and authored by specialists, eg. Neurologists, Researchers and the like.

The following websites have lost the right to post or have their links shared in this Community. This is a Community, not a place for websites to SPAM! They showed no interest in supporting the members here even when contacted and made aware of the rules! Feel free to follow them in your own stream...
Emax Health
Thanks for your understanding.
These guidelines are subject to change and adjustment, we will do our best to inform members of major changes, though the guidelines are out there now so the onus is still up to each member to check the guidelines occasionally themselves. Ignorance is not an excuse!

Your Moderator Team, +Jenna Sebrasky +Carla Anderson +Rhodri Jones +Darin Allan +Kerry Spriggs +Ivan Medina +Dawn McNaught 

These guidelines have been created by the Moderation team so as to create a safe and happy community for all

This text is the property of the G+ Multiple Sclerosis Community
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One of the hardest things about having MS for me is becoming a spectator in my own life. Not being able to control anything. Seeing my family in trouble and not being able to help.
I can deal with the physical aches and pains and disability but to have to sit here and watch my family suffer and not be able to do anything to help is excruciating.

Well today I did something a bit wrong wondering if it will be beneficial but I didn't notice any benefits at all....i take 1 Ampyra pill in the mornings and 1 in the wondering if I will see a difference this morning i took 2 Ampyra pills...and right after I was reading on their website that taking 2 is by far wrong and I can even end up with bad negative effects so yeah I was very scared most of the day but is now 9 pm and luckily nothing funny has happen yet 2 me but yeah tonight's dose will be skipped until tomorrow get back on track

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I've often wonder if playing American football contributed to getting MS. The research may help prevent others from getting it.

Sadly I have lost my keys to the delorean and can't unplay.

Hello, this MS is all new to me. I am just going thru the diagnosis now. I am 55 yrs. old. I know my brother has had it for sometime, but unfortunately he lives in a different state, and we don't keep in touch. I have had most of the ms symptom s for quite a while now. Thanks for adding me to this group.

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i wish you al a great day :)

I've been having a lot of problems with my back, sleeping, and emotions lately. I called the neurologist and they said I was probably just having a flare up and put me on steroids and said just come in for your regular appointment in about a month.

Then my mom called and said I think someone really needs to see him now. So they made me a appointment with the doctors PA for yesterday.

I got diagnosed with Pseudobulbar Affect and was put on amitriptyline for it and also he said it would help with pain, depression, insomnia, etc. Also because of my back I was "prescribed" physical therapy and am supposed to get a call to schedule that soon. My prescription for Baclofen was also increased.

Anybody else have PBA? Ever taken or taking amitriptyline?

hällo im david colletti im 20 years old :)

Question...... Has anyone had a problem with vision as far as crossed eyes? If so is it worth going to my ms specialist or the eye docter?
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