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2. No abusing of moderator Privileges. You will be banned
3. Please post Profiles before RPing.
4. No sexual content here
5. Try to only one profile, I will have three BECAUSE I CAN.
6. Ask me for a template and I will give you one, you can use your own if you have one already, however templates are race specific
7. If something happens in an rp, it is canon. If that something would change something on your profile, you have to edit your profile and add that detail.

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Name: Yuki
Age: 14
Likes: Cat's
Dislikes: sea food
Fav food: cake
Fav color: white and black

Character Victoria Norrell announced dead today. Killed by Catherine Waistofen-Schrodinger

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Name: Ruby
Age: 15
Gender: female
Weapon: High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe

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🌟ALL ABOUT ME (or something)🌟
🔞Age: 13
🚹Gender: imma female
🏡Where you live: uk
🌇Hometown: cant uk
💟Single or Taken?: single im so lonely ;-; OH WELL
🎨Fave color?: blue
🏈Fave sport?: don't like sports
🎈Bday?: 08/07
👫Best friend?: +Becca The Savage
🐶Any pets?: a cute dog called jess
🍓Fave food?: ICE CREAN AND JELLY ❤
🎧Fave song?: it changes all the time but at the moment it's "fire and the flood"
🐙Fave animal?: penguins, there so cute~
🎄Fave holiday?: winter ❄
📺Fave TV Show?: miraculous lady bug and cat noir or adventure time
😢Ever self harmed?: no i dont like to get hurt
😭Ever been depressed?: yes...
😒Ever contemplated suicide?: yes don't ask
🌊Biggest fear🌊: being lonely and never being in love
💄Do you wear makeup? Never and never will
💃Can you dance?: yes like Godzilla
🎤Can you sing?: YASSSS (well u think I am B3)
💀Any strange medical conditions?: no
💵Dream Job?: artist
🚗Dream car?: I don't get cars kay I just want a YELLOW car or a SCOOBY DOO VAN
🚼Want kids?: *NEVER there annoing... -•- *
💌Wanna get married?: umm idk if its the right man i guess but im not getting married young
🗻Where you wanna live?: tokyo or in diseny land... i belong there ;)
🈳How many languages do you speak?: a bit of French and Welsh and Japanese but never use them
☀Winter or Summer?: winter
🍁Fall or Spring?: spring
🌈Snow or Sun?: Snow
🗽One place you want to visit?: akihabara in tokyo
🙏Believe in God?: no
👽Believe in Aliens?: yes
👻Believe in Ghosts?: no
🌙Believe in Fate?: yes

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Name: Raekwon page
Gender: male
Race: neko
Likes: petting, cuddles, food, honesty
Dislikes: liars

We have 10 members! instant dance party

Name: Ka’ tria
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lbs
Powers/Abilities: She Is a Very Powerful Mage/Priestess
Description: She has very pale skin, Deep red hair with deep blue eyes, and a black cloak
Bio: Orphaned in a forest fire at the age of 6, she was found be a Mage who trained her to become a Eldritch Priestess, and she learned very quickly, and her master died at the age of 20, and she has lived by herself since.
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Learning more powerful magic, Servicing her Gods.

Name: Krieg Waistofen
Age : Looks 25
Speices: Vampire
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 200 lbs
Weapon: Dual Wielding MP40s and a M16 Master-Key or Grenade launcher
He wears common SS wear without the cap and a black trench coat. He also wears combat boots and has a backpack on.

Background contest! Whoever can find/draw the best background for the community gets to be the background!
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