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Name: (He can't remember his name)

Age: 23

Gender: male

Orientation: straight

Dom/Sub: Sub (duh!)

Misc info: known to be defiant.

Story: He was sold by his parents a day before he turned 18, Several years later, he refused to get on stage, as a result, he was beaten, cut, shot in the leg, kicked in the nuts, arm broken, and stuffed in a very small cage with his dick hanging out for the cruel, sadistic female guards to rape, torture, or use at their leisure.

Likes: For you to find out

Dislikes: other men, Futas (Shemales) (No offense intended) , sex with other animals like dogs, vore, and anything involving death (snuff rp).

Fetishes: for you to figure out ;)

Price: $5,000

First pic is before he was sold, Second pic is from the punishment mentioned
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Had this for a while and thought I could see if anyone wouldn't mind to "play"~
Name: Anna Haiku
Age: 27
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Personality: kind,sweet,shy,and gentle
Likes: Candy,books,anime,and music
Dislikes: Veggies, bad endings,horrible rap music
Species: kitsune
Secret: She's a futa and has some hentai mangas under her matress

Any female want to rp?

I just came here to check the thing out, and I realised I don't actuly know what Herm is, do you mind ansering anyone (this comunity is dead, probaly won't get a responce)

I am the owner now?Oh boy

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I am a short neko girl, I was 16 years old but looked like 12 or so. I was walking around the streets hungry, alone and hurt. I was going to restaurants' trash bins trying to find food but every time I did I would either get kicked by the owner making me drop the food or the other cats would steal it from me, I hadn't eaten anything in 2 weeks and I would drink water only if it was raining. Today it was snowing and I had no home, was sleepless once again and I was shaking in both fear and cause of the cold. I came to your door, curled up to the floor and started crying waiting for my death from the cold or the hunger or even from you coming out and kicking me back to the street.

Lily: (me) Meow... H-help me... Someone... I said desperate feeling my consciousness fading while tears rolled down a-am I... Gonna die... Like this...? I said fainting, I wasn't dead yet just without my conscious, I thought this was the end for me but then you...


I had many masters before or should I say monsters? They would all do nothing more than abuse me, ok I was a little clumsy but couldn't they show mercy? Even if they were breaking a bone of mine or making me bleed they wouldn't care or stop they would just continue till I finally lose my consciousness, then they would just wrapping a bandage on me and they were thinking it was more than enough, they never actually took me to a doctor to help me cause simply they didn't care if I was gonna die. My previous master at first seemed nice but he proved the worst of all so I escaped from him too like all the others. I was always doing that tho sometimes I was getting caught again then it was when mercy was completely a word none of my masters knew. When I escaped I ran away as fast as possible knowing that he had warned me "If you try to escape I am gonna torture you to death". This is why I left completely from the town he was living. My previous masters would do ANYTHING to me but to fuck me, I just wouldn't let them no matter what punishment they would giving me, whipping, get used as an ashtray, burn me, put candles on me letting them drip on my bear skin or even use me as a toilet and many others.

Master or mistress needed

At first please be nice and take care of her, later you may sometimes be a little mean if you want


1. Please try not to reply with 1 word. It's ok if you do sometimes just please not all the time

2. Don't correct me if I have some mistakes. English isn't my natural language. If you don't understand what I said ok but please don't correct me all the time.

3. Don't kill my character.

4. Describe your character a bit and if you can send me a picture of your character.

5. Only pp.

6. READ IT ALL! It took me time to write this so please read it. If you did say "Meow Lily~" instead of "may I have a pp" or something.

text talk, emojis and everything allowed no worries

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idk if this is the right category to post this...

//1 month ago://

Sara: So what would you like us to talk about sensei? I tilt my head and look at you, my science teacher. A tall man with brown hair and eyes, you took off your glasses and looked at me then you sighed

(Y/N): Mrs Sara I noticed that even though you are an excellent student to all subjects, to mine you may not even pass the class. Do I do something wrong which makes you such a bad student?

Sara: I looked down and blushed, I had a crush on you for a long time, this is why I was a bad student at science. I just couldn't pay attention with you. You were so hot and handsome. I am sorry sensei I will try to get better I promise.

(Y/N): Thank you Sara. You may go now.

Sara: I bowed and left the classroom quickly


Sara: takes an A at the science test

(Y/N): Good work Sara! you smiled See? If you try you can get better!

Sara: Thank you sensei, you know something helped me...

(Y/N): Huh? What helped you? You got a teacher at home?

Sara: smirks I just found out something about you that made me think you are not that perfect after all...takes out my phone and goes to my files. I show you a video I had taken while I was stalking you. Isn't this interesting sensei? presses play as you can see a video you are masturbating so our sensei likes to masturbate when he is bored and have dirty thoughts huh? laughs a bit I am sure you wouldn't want this to get on the internet would you sensei~? smiles You would probably lose your job and who would hire such a pervent like you? looks at your red and angry face Oh? Embarrassed and angry? What is it you didn't think I would be like that? raises an eyebrow I would do anything to have what I want!

(Y/N): And what do you want you-

Sara: Shhh! Slaves aren't allowed to talk like that to their mistresses~ giggles and your eyes are widen then you...


1. Read all. If you did answer the questions:
A. What subject are you teaching?
B. What did Sara took at her test?
C. What Sara did and now you are angry?

2. Please don't answer with just 1 word. It's a bit boring. And don't answer "..." I will just answer "..." too till you answer.

3. Only pp.

4. Male or female that knows how to rp as male is preferred. Tho if you are a good roleplayer it's ok if you are a woman.

5. Please let it be a long term rp.

6. Be ok with some small grammar mistakes. Not like I will say "you is an pervent and I loving you such a much" (lol). Just some small mistakes.
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Main Line: N-Nya!~

Name: Yuki Le Shina

Age: 16

Role: Slave

Race: Neko

Gender; Female

Likes: "Anything Master Likes"

Dislikes: ....

Bio: Yuki Was Born As a neko from her mother who was a slave, Yuki was raised in her mother's Master's mansion, training to be a future Slave, soon enough, Yuki got older, ready to be a slave she was soon given to another market,

Master: "Big Bad wolf"
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(Male (or maybe female) needed to play Jamie's new master.)

1. State your rp name, (And I want it to be a name you wouldn't hear every day, a rare name basically, that fits for a gambler or something.) age and (if you don't want to look like the guy in the first picture) your description of your character.
2. 2-4+ lines please, be descriptive and don't repeat actions over and over again.
3. Have fun..!~

Jamie was a neko girl that had multiple masters, sometimes at the same time. She had always been abused by their owners so she was easily scared and didn't want to be touched by anyone. Sometimes she'd accidently break stuff since she is really clumsy and then she would always get beaten or even get whipped sometimes. No one ever showed any affection towards her except her Mother, which had been killed infront of her by her first master, then she never felt anything except pain..

This time she managed to escape from her last master, she was sick of it and ran deep into the forest to hide from anyone that would want to hurt her.. she thought that she'd finally have peace forever. Atleast that's what she had thought. She had been living in the forest for a few years now, she was hoping that she'd have peace now, until a few hunters wandered around in the forest and had spotted her and captured her. She was screaming the entire time the hunters had tried to capture her so they decided to gag her.

The hunters had then brought her to an auction where she'd be sold once again to an evil master which would abuse her over and over again. First, she was blindfolded. Then her wrists were tied behind her back and her ankles were also tied together and she was put on her knees infront of a whole audience, which was there to place their bets to keep her.

The hunters explained the rules of this auction and said the auction will start off with $50.000. A few people said bids like $55.000, $57.250,  $60.000, $75.500, $80.000, $99.000 and then the bigger bids came. $125.000, $149.000, $176.000; $198.450, $250.000.. but those weren't even the really big one's. The big ones were usually $1.250.000 or $2.470.000 but today there was a guest that didn't like a challenge with bids, Y/N. Y/N was a very popular and loved guy, he was an extreme gambler with incredible luck, which is why he had so much money. He said a bid of $10.000.000, which scared Jamie even more... hearing that someone would bid so much just to be her master.. had honestly really scared her.

No one else had said anything else, the whole room was quiet for a few seconds, then Y/N stood up and walked towards Jamie, she could hear him definetly walking closer to him, but since she was blindfolded she couldn't see him. The rest of the people left, leaving only him, Jamie and the hunters in the room. He then walked over to the hunters and gave them a suitcase with the money. They confirmed it was real and then they left, but before they left they gave Y/N a collar and a leash.

Y / N then . . .
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