Looks like while I was away, this place got busy!! Well I'm back y'all!!!

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ayase was always sweet and nice until one night ayase got pull him in a car and before ayase knew it there was a big light showing ayase didn't know what to do he was scared people he found out that he was being sell for money ayase was shock and scared until a big tall men in black dropped over 40,000 dollar's to buy him now ayase have to live with him and by paying off the moeny he have to give him his body
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the cover page for this community, whoever knows the link for the pic, pls send it to me. x) thx

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"Pit!?!??! Pit!!! Wake up!!!! Please wake up!!!!!"

A year earlier, Dark Pit and Pit started dating in secret. Both of the angels loved each other. The good angel would sleep in the other's room when he got lonely, and Dark Pit did the same for Pit. They even fought along with each other, until one day.. Dark Pit had heard Hades had attacked his house when he was helping Goddess Paulina. He ran to his home to find a almost dead Pit. Thee angel's wings were torn apart and bleeding. He cried out for the other to wake. But a small squeak was heard. Also the dark angel saw dark bags under his loves eyes as he picked him up, soon he flew the other to the infirmary....

Seme needed to Dark Pit. Pit is the uke.)) 
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"I'm going to stop until you bring us back to our old lives, Ganon!!!!"

The red orange haired 20 year old mage stopped in his tracks in hearing his real name. He turned and saw a blonde that was all beaten up, he looked like the hero he would fight back than. "So, Luke or Link I guess you followed me after I killed Zelda..." The boy's eye started to water as he remember his friend being killed and had to leave his kingdom behind. But he kept his anger at hand, before Zelda died she gave Link wind like powers to fight his enemy. "I'm going to kill you so Zelda can rest in peace!" The boy ran at the other withe the Wind Walker sword, but he was stabbed by Ganon. The blonde coughed up blood and faded from the pain he was in....

A week later Link woke up in a warm bed in Zelda's room. He was still in pain and he was delusional. Ganon was looking at him above a bit. Now the older male had the smaller one where he wanted and smiled evily. "Hello, Link. Did you have a very good sleep? Oh wait I forgot your still sick from my blade nearly killing you.." The blonde had a light blush as he felt more pain in his wound and his eyes were closed

((Seme needed to play Ganon. I'm Link/Suke. Now here's why Gabon killed Zelda, he wanted her out of the way to get to Link and brought them into our time. But Link tried killing the other and was stabbed by the other Ganon soon brought Link back to the castle. Than took over the kingdom, making Zelda's room into Link's room to heal him. There you go. You can use toys and curse in the rp. Here's the song/BTW sorry if it does not match the rp/ winnie the pooh-Wherever You Are reprise: http://youtu.be/8_yIcAoJ8bI ))
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Ah well...haven't been on In a while and suddenly remebered this group was here XD well, I have an rp idea that a seme is needed for but my rules are slightly different than how everyone else is rp-ing.

Paragraphs in third person so they don't exactly have to be in paragraphs lol, but I would like if my partner writes in a third person paragraph-y form. For example: "It had been a long time since he had stepped out outside. The suns rays were warm and inviting, nicely complimenting the chilly cold autumn air. Hiro didn't exactly like the cold, it made his skin prickle with goosebumps and chapped his dry, pink, lips."

Grammar No one is perfect! I don't expect anyone to type perfectly or being able to know hundreds of different kinds of words. But I would ask that you can write fluently in English to where it is readable.

where to rp I like to rp on google hangouts because I have the app and I can reply to you when I'm at school (since my teachers don't care lol) and on the go.

stereotypical stuff alright. Not to be mean but my uke's are not the girly girl uke's. They are legit boys. (Yesh they be looking bishie though). What I mean by this is I don't always follow the stereotypical uke and seme. Seme's can cry, have emotions, get captured and be saved, etc. uke's can be tough, loud, and be the hero instead of the "damsel in distress". That's just a note for those who play there characters without the stereotypical terms as well. Also, plot plus smut is always better than just plain smut!

You can create your own character as well! So here is my plot idea if anyone is interested. I'm looking for a seme. :3

Story #1: you know what's funny? Videos. Really funny videos. You know what else is hilarious? Finding out that your worst enemy is now living in the same dorm room with you due to circumstances with the Academy's headboard. Now how is this all going to play out?... (You can choose to be the enemy or the person having the enemy move into their dorm. Seme/uke(me) 

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((I'm really bored, if any of you guys want to rp you can. Seme or Semke needed. Please state name, age, and looks))

A dark knight was running though a dark mansion. He was chasing a small boy, which was injured. The boy was coughing up blood a bit as he ran, the knight (you) was his master and the boy was trying to escape.

Earlier that night A young boy was bought by a dark knight to take care of his home. But the boy didn't listen to him. As the evening continue the knight had beaten the boy up for not following his words. After the knight went to sleep the boy had ran.

He yelled his pet name "Winter". The boy kept running away, until he made it to the door. He tried opening it but a arrow went though his arm. He scream in pain looking up.
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