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#Autodesk #Vault 2016 is here!  See what’s new in Vault Basic, Workgroup, & Professional on 5/1, 11am CT.

Here's today's question, and it's on Sheet Set manager and Vault.

I've set up our AutoCAD projects using the SSM as usual. I've checked them into Vault and so far the workflow is working well.

the Issue I'm having is when we want to add a new sheet to a drawing file.

In the SSM this is a bit of a kludge already. We usually copy a sheet within the DWG and then use 'Import layout as sheet'.

This works with Vault, but when you come to check the file back in Vault won't bring the new sheets in  - claiming it has an 'Xref error.

The only workflow that seems to work is deleting the sheets that are in the DWG from the SSM first, then adding in the new sheet, then importing the whole lot back in to the SSM before checking into Vault.

This doesn't always work, and it's frustrating not knowing why.

Has anyone used the SSM with Vault? Did you come across this problem?

I've been playing around with iParts and Vault today - it doesn't work as I expect, can you give me some advice?

I've created an iPart in my local workspace, generated all the members and then checked the iPart into Vault (all the members got checked in as well).

I've then placed the iPart from Vault and clicked the member I need - All good so far...

However - When I try and check the assembly in, I get the error:
'The following Files already exist in Vault'

What am I doing wrong?!

The iPart family is not in a library file, It is not released, and none of the checked in members are either.

Can anyone give us some advice on files with the same name in Vault?

The issue is that we can check an assembly out and work on it, then when we want to check it back in it won't go back into Vault because it has parts with the same name as items in the Vault- but it was in the Vault in the first place!

Could this be anything to do with the move from Vault Basic to Vault work group?

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Been using #autodeskinventor    2014 and #autodeskvault    Pro 2014 for a few months now. My favourite new feature is the filters in the Inventor/Vault add-in. I really, really like the ability to filter based on 'with saved edits' and 'with unsaved edits'. These greatly help sort out confusion with locally touched files. #WellDone

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Hi Folks,

On the basis that the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask ;)

1. Can I clean up my Vault working folder (local drive) by deleting all files - as long as everything is checked in?
2. How can I bulk delete files from Vault that are not being used in a design?
3. Does any one know why I can't delete this file? (screen shot attached).

Any other tips on maintaining a clean and tidy Vault?

Thanks in advance for your time :D

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A quirk in the Vault Plot command
A quirk in the Vault Plot command

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Brendan's Inventor Blog: Customise your Vault view.
Customise your Vault view.
Customise your Vault view.

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An  #AutodeskVault  &  #AntiVirus  post from +CADPRO Systems 
Managing the impact of Anti-Virus on Autodesk Vault
We received a support request yesterday asking about using Anti-Virus software on any servers running Autodesk Vault. At first I wasn't sure how to answer the question fully, so I deferred to Autodesk Support to seek clarification. Interestingly they weren'...
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