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A better way to introduce yourself to the community

Starting on March 1, we're changing the format of posts in the Introductions category. We found that, in the past, posts simply saying hello to other members of the community didn't have a lasting effect on your success on Google+.

To change that, we're now asking that you share a G+ Collection and tell us in a few words why you picked exactly this collection for your introduction post. Of course, you can still introduce yourself on top of that.

The collection can be one of your own, which makes sense if you post on Google+ regularly - or it can be a collection by someone else whose content you follow. In either case, the collection should
★ contain at least five posts,
★ have a clear topic (no adult content or spam, please) and
★ be recently active.

Sharing a collection with your introduction post allows other members of this community to follow your content directly, which is a big plus.

We're also allowing more than one post to this category by each member, but we ask that you share
★ a different collection every time you post and
★ not more than once per week.

We will rename the category to reflect this change later, and will monitor the effectiveness of it. We hope this change will help you find both more followers as well as people to follow yourself.

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My introduction post for Get Social. When Google was testing it's Plus social network I was invited to participate and when G+ became official, my profile was already established. My next step was to create #businesspages (which are now called #brandaccounts) and join #GooglePluscommunities. All of my G+ steps have been moving forward. There has never been a moment when I wanted to cancel my activity in this #socialmedianetwork and delete my account, even though there were rumors that Google was going to shut down the network. So far these rumors have not panned out. Indeed. In May 2015, Google introduced its Collections feature, a great free tool for organizing your posts and my first reaction was to create 3 collections for my most popular business page, Everyday Exotic Spices. It was so easy!
( )

UPDATE: 3 years later. It's 2018 and my foodie page has 6 collections. In fact, the collections tool has proven to be very handy. I have several brand accounts and have organized my posts to these pages in collections; and my individual G+ profile also has several collections. I'm lovin' the G+ Collections tool.

NOTE: I joined this community in May 2013.
( )

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Everything You Love About #MUFC, find it here.
Join Now.

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Are you a lover of all kinds of music, well, as a radio personality, it's basically a requirement AND when I was a young crumb snatcher (that's KID, for those of you who didn't know), wave radio stations were versatile, playing @ least 2 genres of music...DISCO/POP, SOUL/R & B with a dash of POP/DISCO. So, I thought, WHITE MUSICIANS/BANDS BANDS back in the day, created a world of music that was so versatile, it was universally accepted by most cultures...AND thus, the WHITE FOLK WEDNESDAY Collection was created! Even though I created the page, I have to toot my own horn and admit, once I click one video and listen, I'm scrolling down to the next and the next and...( you get the picture). JOIN ME, KimMe Wyatt, every Wednesday for new videos in the WFW Collection and like David Bowie said, #LETS #DANCE

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Pinterest has a board arranging feature. I have several boards (over 50) and I've been trying to arrange them. I just tried a Pinterest feature that lets you arrange your boards: Alphabetical, Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest OR you can manually Drag and Drop your boards wherever! I may rearrange them again but for now, I think putting them in alpha order is best for visitors. I can see the boards in alpha order. What I want to know is:

Q1: How does a visitor to my Pinterest profile see them? Can you look at my Pinterest boards and tell me if you see them arranged in alphabetical order?

Q2: Is that feature available to allow a visitor to rearrange my boards the way they would like to see them? From New to Old, in Alpha Order, etc.

#socialmediatips #marketingtips #homebusinessadvice #workathome #workfromhome #Pinterestforbusiness #Pinterest #tipsandtricks

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Before posting, check the target!

The admins are having a hard time keeping up with all of the posts that are being placed in the wrong category, or that don't belong in this community in the first place. You can help them by making sure everything is correct before posting.

Not all your posts should be posted to the same audience:

If you are posting images of yourself and your family, share them with Your Circles or individual people instead of Public or a public community where they don't belong and the whole world can see them.

If you are posting to a community, make sure that what you want to post is on topic. Posts that are not will often be removed from a community and not be visible to anyone.

Change where your post will appear by clicking or tapping the blue text next to your name.

Why we use Google +??

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Hey, you guys, please join my Collection of quotes! I have many that continues to float around social media BUT you probably wouldn't know their mine, as some do not have reference to me, the author (Go figure)! I've even been mistaken for Shakespeare...LOL! I have sooooooo many quotes, many of which haven't been posted yet (Too many) and lots that need reposting. So, if you're into unique, powerful, humorous, encouraging and even down-right sarcastic quotes, CHECK 'EM OUT and THANKS!

BTW, I have approximately 30 Collections, including Jazz Groove Cafe, White Folk Wednesday, Health, Beauty, About Food and Over-The-Top, to name a few...You may be interested in those as well!

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This is a collection about funny videos and pictures.

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#DeleteFacebook is trending globally. What's your take?
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