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Welcome to Species Approval! We strive to be the most active species approvers. We prefer faster people with more experience, such as being a mod, having free time, and knowing what a species should be. So....

1. No nsfw junk. If it's shown (picture wise) for a species, you might want to keep it out.
If it's for the backstory, give a warning.

2. Don't put an object on a pony and call it a species. Make it more complex and unique.

3. A picture (digital or traditional) is required for species approval. It makes it easier to check.

4. Please don't steal artwork or species. It's an immediate ban

5. No spam whatsoever


Other junk

1. If you are accused of something, me and the mods will try to give you a fair trial. If you accidentally post something accidentally here, it's ok. I've done that before

2. Don't criticize a species. Give it feedback, IF they are open for it.

3. Don't comment unless you tag a mod. If someone is selling rights, then you are aloud to say "i love it" or by rights.

4. Don't share communities here, it clutters stuff



1 strike if you: nsfw on purpose (picture wise too, if it's nsfw, pp the mods), criticize a species (too harshly and if they don't ask, post wrong things, ask for mod

2 strikes if you spam repost or die stuff, or repeat the above

1 week ban: Spam communities, make fun of religion, race, etc.

Immediate ban: 3 time repeat offender, species/art work steal, and anything major

+Unicorn Socks

Working on it.

Mod signups next week!!!

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~The Flower Pony~

Her or his ear has to be a rose or Daisy (I chose a rose) and has to have the stem go down their neck, it is common to be earth pony, uncommon to be unicorn, rare to be a Pegasus, and ultra rare to be a alicorn
Their eye has to be some sort of flower and their flank has to have a flower coming out of it, doesn't matter what color
The pony HAS to be white, nothing else
The hair must be made of some sort of flowers

Plez approve!

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Semi open
you can make ONE for free
Myos: 15
Co owner rights: 35
Owners rights: 45

How they came to be: a scientist was bored and wanted to see if she could make her favorite animal a turtle out of sweets and see if it would still act like a turtle if it succeeded so she tried fusing some turtles with sweet treats and the outcome was turtles with a body made of chocolate and/or cake its shell was made of icing and/or chocolate sometimes even icecream they acted like normal turtles but would only eat sweets or really sweet fruits the scientist named them sugarshells the sugarshells would sometimes even eat their own shells which grew back almost instantly the scientist decided to keep them and after three months the sugarshells were as big as giant tortoises

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This is my new species. It is pflatierknochen (p-flat-ear-knock-en) do not steal anything unless I permit you. You must ask before using this kind of species. Please tell me how it is.

Back story: one day it was a about a wolf's time to leave this world and join the spirit world. As it slowly died it lay next to a flower bush and soon as the wolf died the bush took over the body creating a new life form. It was a wolf like creature with some sort of plant as a mane. As generations went by the ponies got injured a lot so something that happed during that time period was that all offspring had cuts revealing bone. All were very worried until they realized it was genetics. The species then got a new name after all they have gone through to become what they are.
This species is closed. I will be having prices soon.

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