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We now know that Jesus son of Joseph (John 1:45) was born on Saturday April 17, 6 BC / 17.4.748 AUC / 29 Nisan 3755 HC. See astronomer . This has been reported on the BBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, CNN, FOX, CBS, and other major media. It appears that 4-17-6 BC was discovered by the Knights Templar in 1119 when they excavated the Temple Mount and passed on through oral transmission only to a small number of leaders within this group and its reorganization into Freemasonry. Grand Master Masons Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and John Hancock encoded July 4, 1776 with Jesus' actual birthday. 'Coincidentally', Franklin died on April 17, 1790 and Washington died December 14, 1799. 

Y'shua ben Yosef was born under the astronomical sign of Aries the Ram/Lamb. The Hebrew month of Nisan also has the symbol of the ram/lamb associated with it. Jesus is known as the Lamb of God. 

The square root of 17.4 is ~4.17. This is the only day of the year that has this mathematical quality. Jesus' Crucifixion was on Friday April 7, 30 AD / 7.4.783 AUC / 14 Nisan 3790 HC.  

The combination of 7 & 4 in the Messiah's birthday and Crucifixion is a BIG example of 'GOD=7_4 theory'; see . 

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These #real #prophecies are some of the best around. Which #divine #prophecy speaks to you the most?

If God spoke through a Messenger for this time, would you take the time to listen? Well, it is possible and I offer you this opportunity.

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Assalamu Alaikum. check out the news posts of this facebook page. Eye opening!

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Was Muhammad (pbuh) the last Messenger from God, or the last Messenger from God?

What prophets walk the Earth today?

Post has attachment, the free self study book of Inner Knowing.

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Who is Jesus?  Where is he now?  Spirituality from the Greater Community speaks on this.
Who is Jesus?
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