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(I'm bored so I'm doing this) flys around an empty town it's a ghost town here HELLO anyone around?

There's only 2 profiles but I'm start a RP... I'm bored...

Jai is running through the forest and clawing trees and he sits down on a tree log sadly and sighs

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My name is mysteryo im a crystal gem my gem is diamond I don't age but im about 1300 years old im immortal I don't really know the rest of my identity im able to shape shift and I'm the most powerful on home world and currently I'm known as a fugitive there
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Well is anyone going to make a profile soon? I'm going to...

Name: Jai

Gender: male

Personality: can get angry (because of blood),shy

Species: raptor/human (not too smart but smart)

Abilities: Running,biting

Weapons: Jaw and claws

Age: 13

Likes: people that want to be his friend

Dislikes: people that think he is weird

Bio: one day a 6yr old kid was walking to his favorite cave that was next to his house. he never went to deep into it... But This time he tripped and stumbled deep into the cave. it was dark so he was scared then he saw a bone and picked it up.... he realized it wasn't a human bone... and that blood was dripping from the cave he put it in a cup he had. when he got out scientists
Examined it and found it was velociraptor Blood that was preserved for 65 million years before dripping from roof of cave. they gave it back to the kid since it was his legal property and wanted to keep it. they put it in to a needle and gave it to his mom... He kept it for 3 years. and then there was a severe earthquake and he tried to get the blood from his shelf but the needle fell on him and the blood entered his body for 2 years nothing happened.. But one day he started growing scales and so he ran away. And after two years became a humanoid velociraptor...

Welcome, everyone! Please read the rules and everything in this category before doing anything.

If you want to add anything else to the profile template, such as crush, height, or pets, that is totally allowed. Just add on anything else that suits your character.
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