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This is a collection of pictures from Ryer Academy's journey to the 2015 Iron Mountain Camp hosted by Master Zach Whitson, the Founder of the Counterpoint Tactical System.
The weekend included over twenty hours of comprehensive training in Cacoy Doce Pares; Panatukan entries and striking patterns; and Gun vs. Knife tactics. The weekend also featured rank testing and certifications for all levels from Blue Belt to 4th Degree Black Belt. Everyone did an amazing job demonstrating their skills! Special congratulations to Ryer members who earned new ranks: Tim Gwilt to 3rd Brown; Chad Dougherty to 1st Black; David Curet to 3rd Black; Joel Daugherty to 3rd Black; and Josh Ryer to 4th Black.
Finally the weekend serves as the premier gathering of the CTS family from all over the United States and provides us the opportunity to train together and enjoy each other's company. All throughout the camp, you could see the fruit of everyone's hard-work especially of Master Zach Whitson. #counterpointtacticalsystem   #discoverryeracademy #tacticalmartialarts #filipinomartialarts  
2015 Iron Mountain Camp
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Do you want a shirt or hoodie for this year's 2015 Iron Mountain Camp?! Be sure to get your order in to Master Z in the next couple days. #counterpointtacticalsystem #2015IMC  

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The ‪9th Annual Iron Mountain Camp ‬ is less than 30 days away! Here's a exact countdown to check-in at this year's event. For more information on the event, visit: #counterpointtacticalsystem #zachwhitson #filipinomartialarts #martialartscamps  
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