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Bengkel Digital Classroom Pulau Pinang Bil 1/2017 @ Sekolah Menengah Sains Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin.
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GEG in 21st Century Education and Frog VLE
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Bengkel Digital Classroom and Google Apps in Education

Sesi 1: 14 Mac 2017
Sesi 2: 16 Mac 2017

Tempat: PKG Alma
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(Triangles online calculator developed by Jesus S.)
 Open with Google Chrome.

TrianCal is an online calculator triangles that works with any combination of values ​​that include sides, heights, angles, area or perimeter of any triangle, calculating it with the least amount of possible values ​​(usually three).
Other functions:
- Draw the triangle (s) with GeoGebra.
- Set the range of values ​​allowed into each element.
- The type of angle.
- The type of triangle by its sides and angles.
- Selection of language (English or Spanish).
- Select and angles [degrees (°), Radians, Degrees, minutes and seconds (° '") or degrees and minutes (°')] is.
- Number of decimal places to show in the results (0-15). - You can use the arrow keys and the Tab key to navigate through the settings.
- Drop-down menu to select values ​​comfortably.
- Create a link (URL) to the current triangle.
- An icon mail to communicate with the author.
NOTE: You must use the Google Chrome browser to display correctly TrianCal.
Examples of possible combinations:
- The area, perimeter and other data (side, height or angle), if the outside equilateral triangle would not need the third data.
- 2 angles and other data (if the value is not put aside "a" is 10).
- One hand, one high and one angle.
- 3 heights.
- 3 sides.
- 2 heights and perimeter.
- Any other combination of values.

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no fun? Lets Kahoot!!
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Date :31 okt 2015
Vanue : taman Negara Pulau Pinang

Its very exciting n enjoyable when we have chance to release our tension n stress on work.

All the participants are encourage to snap photos during the trip n share via google drive...


GEG Tracking with drive
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Perlukan sesuatu perantara untuk paparkan maklumat semasa kepada umum? Jimat kos, mudah disediakan dan dapat update dari mana-mana lokasi secara online? Kita akan bincangkan bagaimana cara penukaran TV LCD biasa kepada Android TV yang boleh menggunakan applikasi Android dan menjadikannya papan notis digital sekolah.

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Education on Air Malaysia
Education on Air Malaysia

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its fun when u can share and express your thought with other no matter what medium u are using... This time smstsss collaborate with penang chinese girl school via google hangout to share their though on several topics such as

1. should students bring mobile phone to school?
2. should students date in school?
3. How do students plan their future?
4. How to save our environment?
5. "21st century learners" .... how to adapt and what to prepare for?

VIDEO HANG OUT - New Style of Learning
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