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We worked hard and the presidential race was close but with that extra effort on top of the effort we the non libertarian "Tea Party" prevailed to get Donald Trump elected and the United States back on the pathway to putting U.S. citizens over business, government and immigrants.

Congratulations To Donald Trump And The Deplorable "Tea Partiers"

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Illegal Alien Amnesty, Open Borders And Business Running The United States Is Not An Option! No Sneaky Deal To Boot The Criminals And Give Green Cards To The Rest That Is An Automatic "Pathway To Citizenship" Through Legalization.

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The anniversary of the founding of the World Congress of Jews today
It has been codified in the history of the Jewish people and Jewish nationalism
Because he met the registration of a complaint to the captain of the Bar Association in Casablanca
Under the number 94/2017 dated 29/06/2017
Related to conspiracy and violation of professional ethics
Against the lawyer who was appointed to plead me before the Hebrew Chamber of Social Court of Casablanca
To determine my Jewish and legal and personal identity according to genetics and Jewish genealogy
The complaint includes the registration of the article dated 22/05/2017, which coincided with a visit of the US President to Israel
To move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, the eternal
But the obstruction of the legal rules of the Moroccan State for stealing my biological, legal and personal identity
It provoked the postponement of the transfer of the embassy of the United States until the liberation of my Jewish identity of the Moroccan State and the Arab and Islamic countries
With the aim of liberating Jerusalem from Arab and Islamic colonialism
Because my genes inherited from my ancestors embody the biological and legal ties of the Jewish people to the capital Jerusalem, the eternal Israel
Because ethnic min belongs to the dynasty of King David, who ruled Jerusalem on behalf of the Jewish people of a thousand years before our era

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Operation Rescue has acquired documents from the CA AG Office showing that Planned Parenthood & AG Xavier Becerra need to have a meeting to strategize on litigation if the Trump Admin. successfully defunds their abortion/murder machine.

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Istopped watching them, many many years ago. Fox! And the net. 
Let +President Donald Trump 2017 (+The Real Donald Trump) use #Twitter to communicate directly with the American people and tell them what's really going on. Maybe the #Mainstream Media want to censor him. But actually everyone should have the right to tell his opinion. If you agree, please re-share and like this post!

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The Descendant of King David Dynasty, Who Ruled Jerusalem, on behalf of the Jewish people from a thousand cyme BC
To the best gift to Mr. Trump and the Republican Party in America
To the American Tea Party
To congressman and World Jewish
To the sacred covenant of specialists in Israe
I am always waiting to change the ambassadors in the world
In order to change the mentalities that fuel the radical incitement against Israel
To combat terrorism, religious, social and systematic politics against the Jewish race wherever they are
And all Arab and Islamic countries have committed themselves to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Paris Principles adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations
To modify the law of the Personal Statute, according to genetics to determine the identity of the human male or female
Because the biological identity that determines the legal identity that embodies the personal identity of man
I ask geneticists around the world to determine my biological identity, in accordance with the CCDee phenotype and biological mention K - of my blood group O +
And submit a report to the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Tribunal for the separation between me and the Moroccan State and Balushtein, and Jordan, and Saudi Arabia
Because they want to steal my biological, legal, personal identity, according to Islamization and Arabization because of false identity to be used against me and against Israel
And I will not give up my Jewish identity as he is aware of the interested party
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Many Americans watch the various political mob mayhem events across our Nation with increasing levels of disdain and anger. News articles continue to focus on such malicious behavior, but often gloss over any responsibility for the property and human damage often caused. This includes several thousand lost lives and untold grief for the affected families and friends. Responsible Citizens must stand up and demand punishment of severity equal to the criminal acts. Some background and suggestions are offered in the full note here. What are your thoughts?

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This Article Is The Reality Of What Our Politicians Have Been Moving Us To Become. "True"

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