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Supernatural format

Fandom: Supernatural 

Name: Casey Smith

Alias/Nickname: Angel

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'6

Birthdate: 4/3/1999

Species: Human

Job: Hunter

Relationship Status: Single

Likes: Candy, Hunting, Listing to music

Dislikes: When people lie to her, Being betrayed

Personality: It takes awhile for her to trust people, Mean, Hard to get, Overprotective

Bio: Casey got kicked out of her house by her parents when they saw her have a encounter with a demon they thought she was crazy. Casey's belief in the paranormal was also a reason she got kicked out. Her parents tried to send Casey to a insane asylum but couldnt because when Casey was tested there was nothing at all wrong with her. That was two years ago. Casey is now 17, hunting the paranormal, sometimes living in her car, and using fake names to get credit cards to buy what she needs.
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Hey im new here so heres my rp profile:

Name: Maxine Rockswell

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Birthdate: May 28, 1992

Nickname: Max

Family: None

Appearance: Pictured

Bio: When i 14 years old my parents died in a tragic accident. They were both practically glued to the ceiling before they burst into flames. A few weeks before their death, i was studying the paranormal, and their death has a lot to do with it. I spent almost my whole life looking for the thing that killed my parents. Most people tell me im crazy and theres nothing out there, they tell me that my parents' death was a just a house fire. Im not crazy i know what im looking for and i know how to get it. 
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Okay im pretty sure that im not new in this community but i noticed that i havent made a profile yet so here it is:

Fandom: Supernatural

Name: Mary Kay Winchester

Nickname(s): Kay

Date Of Birth: November 22, 2003


Gender: Female

Height: 5'3

Appearance: Shown Below

Personality: Nice, Mean, Sarcastic.

Dislikes: Seeing Sam, Dean, and/or Katherine get hurt.

Likes: Food, Dean, Sam, Katherine, Going on hunts

Family: Dean Winchester(Father), Sam Winchester(Uncle), Katherine Mary Winchester(aunt)

Bio: One night Dean went out to a bar for a drink. He had a one night stand with a woman named Madeleine. A few months later Sam and Dean heard a knock at there bunker door. They both went to answer the door, at first they didnt see anyone there untill Dean looked down and saw a baby inside of a basket. Sam and Dean brought the baby into the bunker and set her down on the table. Sam and Dean where shocked, they both looked for a note to explain why a baby was at there door. Dean found a note that read: "Dean this is your daughter, im giving her to you because i cant take care of her. Call her what you want shes all yours. Sincerely Madeleine." Dean named his daughter Mary Kay. From then on Sam and Dean tought Mary Kay everything there is to know about demon hunting and now she is a great demon hunter.
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Name: Ash Winchester
Age: one month older than Sam
Hobby: hunting monsters
Fandom: supernatural
Species: human with demon blood in her system
Gender: female
Likes: helping her brothers and teasing Sam
Dislikes: when Caatiel is flirted with
Job: Stay at home mom and Hunter
Family: Mom (Dead) Dad (Dead) Step brother (dead) daughter (alive) son (alive) Dean (alive) Sam (alive) and Castiel (alive)
Kids?: yes 2
Bf/gf?: yes, Castiel
Looks: (pictures can be used)
Bio: When I was 7 months old I rested in my 6 month year old brothers crib. A demon fed us demon blood. Our mother died and I was stolen. Years later Dean and Sam found me at the hospital where dad died. I was the big reason he died. Now I hunt with my brothers, pester them. I have two kids. And I'm the girlfriend to Castiel novak
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Name:The Doctor
Hobby:Saving this Galaxy and beyond.
Fandom:Doctor Who
Species:Time Lord
Likes: Bunk Beds, Acting Childish, Bowties, The Ponds, and Sweets.
Dislikes: Guns, Being Told No, Being insulted, and Underestimation.
Job: Casting evil out of this universe whilst saving all of time and space.
Family: Amelia Pond (My Mother-In-Law), Melody Pond (My Wife), Rory Pond (My Father-In-Law), and Brian Williams (My Father-In-Laws Dad.)
Kids?:It's pretty complicated so No yet Yes.
Bf/Gf: It's Complicated.
Looks: Changes per form but my current form can be shown below.
Bio: After over 1,000 years of traveling out throughout all of time and space in a bigger on the inside blue telephone police box, I have seen many things that would drive the average person mad. But of course, I have now chosen to hide away those feelings or regret and remorse inside me. I have recently come upon a Scottish kiss-o-gram named Amelia Pond. The name of a girl in a fairy tale. Amelia helps me cope with all of these newly founded emotions. Together her and I travel the universe together. That was of course true until her unwed husband Rory Williams came along. Now I travel the universe with the two of 'em. My lovely daffodillion Ponds. There has been the lady I keep running into though across all of time and space though. She goes by multiple names such as: Professor Song, Melody Pond, along with River Song. I have absolutely no idea as to who she is yet. A fine lady of tales. That bouncy dirty blonde curly hair. It must be filled with all kinds of spoilers inside. For some reason she keeps calling me "sweetie." Maybe It's just something she calls everyone? I don't quite know yet.... I will tell you though once I solve it out. But until then, Doctor out! GERONIMO!!!!!!
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