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It's been a hard road at +Baltimore Youth Initiative High School this year. Our population is down and we're working to build up. Some of our students face tremendous struggles, so this is not your typical nonpublic school population.

Yet we are closing in on a very strong submission to the project competition. We know BYI is providing some amazing insights into the future of learning, training and developing human potential collectively.

We've collected some new vision partners and are committed to telling our story and pushing this model forward.

With Hope and Determination,


Laughter is Healing, but Not at the Expense of Others

How does this inform our behavior in the classroom and the types of behavior we allow in our schools and workplaces?

1977 – Laughter at the expense of others
The Universal House of Justice has requested us to acknowledge your letter of November 6, 1977 and to say that while laughter should not be suppressed or frowned upon, it should not be indulged in at the expense of the feelings of others. What one says or does in a humorous vein should not give rise to prejudice of any kind. You may recall 'Abdu'l-Bahá's caution "Beware lest ye offend the feelings of anyone, or sadden the heart of any person..." (From Tablets of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, vol. I, p. 45)
(1 December 1977 to an individual believer) (The Universal House of Justice, 1997 Jan 12, The Humourist, p. 2)

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Sorry I"ve been so out of touch, folks.  Can we begin to discuss what it would take to make a successful break from the old model of school?  Let's undo school and build a model for learning and transformation!  Transform yourself to transform community.

Are you ready?

#BYI4Change   #transformationalhighschools  
Is this the time when meaningful connections with meaningful actions take center stage in the high school theater?  Join our team if you are passionate about #transformationalhighschools

email; subject line: XQ Super School


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We're leading a team (and joining a few others).  Want to collaborate and turn high school into a purpose-driven mechanism for creating the new architects of beloved community?  email!
For this to even have a chance, it has to work outside existing systems...a charter school would have to beta test this.

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Are you part of the 85% of Americans who think that teacher powered schools are a good idea? Read The Teacher Powered School:  What do you think of this new trend in education?

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What does the end of the school year mean to you?  Read and take a moment to think about the special message that Tsivya has to share: teach your students that life is a process.
What special ways do you end your school year?

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With all the pressure to meet Common Core Standards along with teaching the rest of the curriculum, can we actually talk about the importance of teaching life skills in school? You betcha! Read: Teaching Life Skills – Someone Has To Do it on the School Matters Blog  What life skills would you include in our school's curriculum?

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As educators we know how important classroom environment is to our students and their active learning. I'd like to share a great opportunity with you. Jennifer, an authority on active learning, classroom design, and project management & logistics is available to answer all your classroom design, layout and project management questions! Take advantage:

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3 yrs ago +Baltimore Youth Initiative High School began. Now Geri Lynn Peak is Woman of the Year in Education.

Thanks Zeta Phi Beta!

Help us celebrate!

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