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Andrew Mezoni

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gRPC for Dart was not planned initially?

Introducing gRPC, a new open source HTTP/2 RPC Framework

The project has support for C, C++, Java, Go, Node.js, Python, and Ruby. Libraries for Objective-C, PHP and C# are in development. 

Projects can be found here:
A high performance, open source, general-purpose RPC framework
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From one of our engineers: "We definitely have plans for adding gRPC for Dart. We are currently working on a HTTP/2.0 protocol stack implementation for Dart which is the main prerequisite for gRPC."
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Thanks for the share, very interesting, it sounds similar to what the Clojure community does with Om's and Reagent's concepts of cursors.
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Hello all,
a new problem i want to use the geolocation api but when i use it i have a PositionError with
code: 2
message: Network location provider at '' : Returned error code 400.

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Good, I can feel your #dartlang, it gives you futures, and makes your types stronger!
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I wish I had colleagues that were as enthusiastic when proposing new technologies ;-(
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Kevin Segaud

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I have a little problem with RandomAccessFile.

The problem is this error: 
Uncaught Error: FileSystemException: writeFrom failed, path = './disk/test' (OS Error: The operation completed successfully.

my code

RandomAccessFile raf = this._d.openSync();
int start_at = old_start + old_length;
int length = content.length;
raf.writeStringSync("${filename} ${start_at} ${length}\n");
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No prob, glad it was so easy to fix :-) 
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I've opened two issues for two long coveted security features currently missing from Dart: HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) and PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy).
According to Luiz Mineo, developer of Redstone.dart, HSTS can only be implemented resorting to an interceptor (i.e. a cpp wrapper of an instance of a native peer C/C++ object) or using shelf middleware, while there is no support for PFS on Dart at all. This is a serious shortcoming for a web development platform like Dart.
If you agree, please star the following issues on the Dart tracker:

Issue 22611: Add support for PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy)

Issue 22612: Add support for HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security)
Dart - Structured Web Programming
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Nawaf Alsulami

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Is there a ppa repo for Dart dev channel?
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I haven't seen anything like that. +Harald Glatt​ runs one for stable ( Another alternative is the official deb packages ( if you only need the SDK.
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Frank Pepermans

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I'm sure this was asked before, but I could find a matching question. Anyway, any ideas on how to tackle this?
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Hi, guys! Do you know any good and alive dart sources, blogs and so on? Excepts this group and official page :) Please, share links for me and may somebody else!
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+Christian Grobmeier runs which is a Dart news aggregator!
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Dan Schultz

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I built a registration form widget in Frappe to test some of the changes I've been making to the library. If you're interested in how an FRP widget might look like, check out the link below.

Note, many callbacks and mutable state variables were harmed in the making of this demo :)
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cool. I just took it for a quick spin and after working around I only have one unit test break. Haven't figured out why it's breaking yet
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Adrián Avila

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Some one asked me this:

What is Dart's killer feature? that feature other languajes lack and make Dart special.

Honestly, I didn't know what to answer, can I get some feedback please?
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+Patrick Arnesen thanks! and the Future/then code will get a lot nicer with async/await :)
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Last stable minor version (1.8.0) was announced 14 weeks ago. How much time need to wait next stable minor version (1.9.0)?
Is this not so long a 14 weeks between the stable releases?

I don't think that the intermediate patch versions (1.8.3 and 1.8.5) will be very useful because the bugs found in 1.8.0 still remains within 14 weeks.

How much time need to wait?

Why development goes so slowly?
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+Freemen Muaddib

Problem in that the Google thinks that only the Go language can be an alternative to the Python language but not the Dart language.
Dart has Virtual machine, package manager but on the server side Dart is just a bit more then nothing.
And problem are not in the Dart.
Problem in that the Google does not have any plans for that.
They want that Dart will be a king in the web.
And problem are not in the lack of browser integration.
Problem in that the Dart are not so popular.
It are not so popular because it can not compete with "node.js", Python, Ruby because, as I say "on the server side Dart is just a bit more then nothing".
All server-side projects in Dart only goes from the enthusiast but not professional programmers.
I wrote a lot of packages with functionality as the Python "C types" but who need this?
But why? It (ctypes) is very bad?
I do not think so because every problem is solvable.
Problem in that the Dart has a lot unsolved problems with working on server side and Dart team never to begins to solve them to make Dart more attractive to work on the server side.
A lot of system calls available through the "binary interop" but who need this?
Another problem in that the Dart never to want to negotiate with anyone.
They only know how to answer in this case: "We better know because we are developers".

I know how to load dynamic libraries (as an alternatives, in common cases, to the native extensions) from the "http" location on server side (eg. from within "pub serve") but who need this?
I know how to locate them (for loading) in the "pub cache" from the "http" (not only from the "file://" scheme of the running script path) but who need this?
But who knows (except me) an alternative on "how to call C code" from "pub serve", "pub run"?
Maybe you?

Who know how to convert C header ".h" into the Dart binary declarations and use them from Dart (eg., kernel32.dll, sqlite.dll)?
Everyone knows. All I say nothing.
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Anders Holmgren

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Be cool when it gets support for dart
Google Compute Engine can now use Cloud Debugger  for both production and staging instances of your app while adding less than 10ms to request latency without blocking or halting execution.

Spend less time debugging and more time building:
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Are there any good examples on using Dart analyzer to manipulate Dart code? (from AST nodes that is). I would like to experiment with creating more dart "compilers", e.g. Dart to ES6 / Typescript, or even Dart to .NET.

Microsoft has a nice compiler technology (Roslyn), I wonder if Dart.analyzer is something similar to it. Any advice?
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Looks very cool indeed, what is the current status?
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Just wrote a literate Dart processor.

+1 if you think this should be added directly to the VM and dart2js.

Compare this to Literate CoffeeScript
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+1 for excellent work. :)
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Nawaf Alsulami

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I'm trying to build dart dev release on ubuntu 14.10. The sdk successfully builds but the editor fails with "Java returns 13 error". I tried building with Oracle Java 8 & 7 and OpenJDK6 but it still fails. Did anyone experience the same issue?
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Managed to build dart editor after downgrading to openjdk-6-jdk. I probably did not correctly downgrade to openjdk-6-jdk before. 
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I'm preparing a speech about some Dart awesome libraries, I choosed Polymer, Dart Force Framework and StageXL right now, I want to give the audience some cool and simple samples of powerful Dart apps using these. Could be better integrate them all in a whole project. Any suggestions? Some features to highlight more?
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Hi folk!

I almost finished my first dart application, it's here: 

But one question: why builded files so huge? 22mb! May be I don't know how to build it in right way?
#label.focused, #floatedLabel.focused { color: {{g.paperInput.focusedColor}}; } #underlineHighlight.focused, #caretInner { background-color: {{g.paperInput.focusedColor}}; } #error, :host(.invalid) #label.focused, :host(.invalid) #floatedLabel.focused { color: {{g.paperInput.
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+Günter Zöchbauer removed comments, spaces, empty strings, minified included js and css.

Look at the source:
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Hello I have a problem how do I get my paper-checkbox to look like the updated one in the dart editor?  because i have tried importing it with the dart but it only imports 0.5.0 #PolymerProject     #Dart     #Polymer  
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Can you please post the full error message. I'm working with 1.9 since about a month and there are seldom bugs where it's hard to work around.
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Which style of the comments use for when commenting members and types?

Acorrding to style guide Dart developers prefer using /// for doc comments.

I have an informal question:
Should I use style for commenting members and types prefered by the Dart developers (but used by them much less frequently) or I should use only prefered??? style?

The "used by them much less frequently" means a much less amount in characters that can be found in Dart SDK (maybe in 30 times less).

Also, when "dart style linter" arrives then will it check Dart SDK on the conformance style guide or it only intended to accustomed to the discipline of ordinary programmers?

My question are an informal question because I cannot understand what means "we prefer using /// for doc comments" if in practice this is not true (at least for Dart SDK).
Follow these guidelines for consistent, readable Dart code.
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Whenever you are working with an existing code base, it is important to be consistent with the coding style of that code base.
Nothing prevents each Dart package project from having their own coding style, if that is what they want. It is just easier to get more collaborators if there isn't too high a syntax barrier to overcome.
Following the Dart style guide is a good starting point because it makes some choices for you that you might not have had time to think about yourself, and it picks a choice that users have been found to be agreeable to, even when they don't always prefer it outright. It's still a guide, not a law. 
If you really can't abide by some of the guide's choices, you can definitely choose to do something else. And if you are working on existing code that already has a different style, it's probably safer to keep that style that it is to modify the entire project, unless you really, really prefer the new style.

So, it has so far not been a goal to go back and change the comments of Dart platform libraries. They work, so they don't need fixing.
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