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New AngularDart component gallery, including new DatePicker controls.

hi guys ...I just came across Dart/Flutter and hope to stay
first of all are there any "teasing" videos/talks on dartlang?

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Help me find the Dart Api working library to provide access to read and write to the serial port.
serial_port 0.3.1
does not work.

I tried to use the package described by githab, in the library itself there is an example (folder Example -> Hello).
Message when connecting to the project package serial_port:


Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Unfortunately I did not find any more packages to work with ports in Dart :(

I hope that there will be some boot camp / online video tutorials in (Udacity, Udemy, Google, etc..) for dart programming were students like me can enroll :)

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+Wm Leler and I did a presentation yesterday at SCaLE16x, including a live coding demo (that worked!). I recorded a screencast, published as If you want to skip directly to the live demo, it's at 31 minutes in. There are links in the description to the video (where you can get better sound, but the slides are hard to read) and to the slideshare deck. This was really fun, and well-attended (70-ish, amazing considering it was on the next-to-last slot of the conf), and I hope to keep doing more of these. Sadly, the video projector was VGA, so the resolution was pretty lacking. If you'd subscribe to my new channel (just created today), there will definitely be more screencasts about Dart and Flutter!

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Guess what the most starred github repo this month is:

I will give a hint, it is Dart repository 😼

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Hi everybody, I just released ng_bootstrap@1.0.0-alpha.
This version has support for `angular@5.0.0-alpha+7`

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Here is a simple tutorial I created on Flutter widget swapping.

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Dart Code v2.10.0 is available.

Makes it easier to manually set your SDK if one isn't detected automatically, gives better info for unhandled exceptions, much faster workspace-symbol search (if you're on a new enough SDK) and some other minor improvements.

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Anouncing our next Dart User Group Munich Meetup! 21.March 18:15-22:00

Join us if you are around! :)
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