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i can't find resource class in 1.13. It has been removed yet?
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Jonas Kello

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I'm using the new .packages file without symlinks which is great. One thing I don't understand is how the HTML imports for polymer work now. I'm talking about code like this:

<link rel="import" href="../../../../../../packages/polymer/polymer.html">

I cannot find a symlink for "../../../../../../packages" anymore but still it works. But I don't know how :-)
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The Polymer transformers are fixing it up, maybe...?
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Zdeněk Mlčoch

Discussion  - 
The Dart standards committee (ECMA TC52) met on January 14th, 2015. The committee discussed several areas where the language could be improved and agreed that these should be investigated in more detail, likely leading to det...
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Dennis Khvostionov

Contracts/Jobs/Gigs  - 
Hello fellow Dartisans. DGLogik, Inc. is looking for senior level Dart engineers to help lead our product development for the Internet of Things. We would prefer local candidates to work out of our Oakland, CA office; however we are open to telecommuting candidates as well. Please contact me if you are interested.

For context of what you will be working on, here is a link to my talk from the 2015 Dart Summit:
DGLogik, Inc, is a software company that provides innovative software technology for the Internet of Things.
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Sounds promising. But I must end my studies at 42. And also improve my skills in Dart. I know the worth of your work, I've not finished to ask you a lot of questions.
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Faisal Abid

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Hi gang, I'm using a few transformers in my web project, so when I run the app, I typically call pub serve, let it run/recompile my changes as I develop and test in the browser.

However is there a way to debug using pub serve along with webstorm? Or even launch observatory with pub serve?

Spending too much time in server world! 
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You could perhaps get access to the observatory on the running pub serve instance. What I have done with transformers is write all of the logic so that it can be run without a transformer, and then I can have the transformer be a thin shell. When I need to debug it I can use a different thin shell to feed in the data. And as long as the problem isn't in the part connecting the transformer you can get reasonable debugging.
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Seth Ladd

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If you use the legacy debug protocol with the Dart VM, we would like to know.

It's not supported, and before we delete it, we need to determine the impact.

If you are using IntelliJ/WebStorm + debugging apps running on the stand-alone Dart VM, that counts as using the legacy protocol. We'd like to know this, too.

The VM has a new, supported, full-featured, working Service Protocol that should be used if you are connecting into the internals of the VM.

Thanks for the feedback!
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+Jack Murphy I'm pretty sure the new Service Protocol helps make async debugging easier (if you are using async/await). Another reason to help JetBrains move over to the new protocol :)
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I've updated my Polymer-Dart-Firebase project. It is a competence management tool. Imagine the team leader of the Polymer team wants to know which gaps to fill, and to watch out where knowledge might disappear if someone jumps ship to Meteor. Hypothetically.

Everyone in the team grades him/herself on a scale from 0 (never heard of it) to 5 (expert and can take it to the next level) for all the skills. The team leader/admin who created the project structure then gets to see who does not meet his/her role's minimum levels yet, and, in a later version, whether there are enough members of a certain minimum level at this time.

Technology is the (still) awesome Polymer 0.5.1, with Dart making it nice and crisp (Polymer 1.0 isn't around yet for Dart). Development time has been rather short in all if you ask me, and most of that has been spent on AppEngine (rewriting the backend 3 times, gosh), with Dart/Polymer bugs, and with several custom solutions that I had to make (a router, google-signin, table).

Firebase worked out much better than Cloud Endpoints and gave me real-time behavior (try opening 2 screens and changing a rating), possibility of offline usage, and more logins. It's rather excellent once you get accustomed to the no-sql storage model.

There's still much to do, but I'm quite pleased with it as it's my first bigger web project. I'd like to hear you feedback.

To try it out, please join this demo project that I set up for the Polymer team: .
You can also peak at the admin part by deep linking to .
Screenshots: .
Or just create your own project, but be weary it 's beta.
Hide heroes that are not currently transitioning */ polyfill-next-selector { content: ':host > [animate]:not(.core-selected) [hero]'; } ::content > [animate]:not(.core-selected) /deep/ [hero] { opacity: 0; } polyfill-next-selector { content: ':host > .core-selected[animate] [hero]'; ...
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Oleh Zasadnyy

Announcements  - 
Hello everyone! 

GDG DevFest Ukraine 2015 is ready to rock.
And we are looking for speakers. If you want to become a part of this event, please submit your talk here:

See how it was last year:

#dfua   #devfest   #gdg  
The biggest Google tech conference in Ukraine carefully crafted for you by GDG community! All about Android, Web and Cloud from the world experts
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Kasper Peulen

Discussion  - 
Should Dart get rid of the 'new' keyword ?

Related to the discussion at dart-misc:!msg/misc/pmDHuwLDfRU/DwkenaRFDQAJ
143 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Yes, please :)
Hell no !
Just make it optional...
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I never miss the new in python, and it's just really a syntactic holdover from C++ / Java, but any change like this will inevitably break things.
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Lunix Watt

Discussion  - 
Polymer performance
My question is quick and simple: what's the performance impact of Polymer, compared to vanilla Dart & HTML/CSS? Big, little?
I am thinking about using it but I don't want to make every of my apps around 60M of memory usage or a 20% CPU usage just because of it.
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Main flaws in polymer that eliminates the async call, is doing recalculate property tree, for dirty checking... Also object.observe, drafted as native in es6, polyfilled isn't performant, but considered for data binding, one of the heavily used feature today. Also, there is no significant archivements after 2 years of development...

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Jack Murphy

Client-side  - 
Hi Folks,
I'm about to dive back into Angular 2 Dart. I was exploring Alpha 0.23 earlier in the summer, but the Router wasn't quite ready for prime time.

I'm looking to compile a list of Angular2 Dart resources. +Victor Savkin  posted some great work on Angular Dart 1.x . For those who have already made the jump to 2, what resources have you found that worked well?
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Gero Nimo

Discussion  - 
Is there some kind of web framework such as Django(python), Spring(java) in dart too?
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Tommi Enenkel

Discussion  - 
Boys and Girls: A few days ago, came into my awareness. Thousands of people watching other people play games. My question: Couldn't there also be potential for other people watch a game dev develop his game?

I am on/off-developing a real-time multiplayer (fullscreen) browser game in +Dart for about 1 1/2 years now and it may soon be time to go public. While this will continue to be a side project, it may be a good idea to ramp up my marketing.

The idea: Have a (manageable) closed beta while maintaining an open development process via livestreaming of the game dev or testing sessions via and Google+ Hangouts.

What do you think?

If you want to join the Beta or become a co-developer, get in contact with me:

I would also welcome you on the new page that i created on Google+.

Real-Time Multiplayer Asteroid Racing
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Daniel Joyce

Client-side  - 
Bumping into some MAJOR issues with dart and multi-window chrome apps

As part of writing a 3D printer driver, I am rendering slices to a off screen canvas. I then want to render said image to a canvas element in another window that is the 'projector' window.

But because of dart's extra 'security restrictions' (even though both windows are opened by the same chrome app!) when I get a handle to the window I've opened to use as the projector window, I can't get a handle to the document in it, or use selectors to grab the canvas element. ( handles to windows opened via code are WindowBase, not Window )

I can't send the canvas element to the other window so it can draw the image on it ( due to isLocalObject in dart2js causing it to stay a JS DartObject instead of converting back to CanvasElement once it crosses window boundaries )

Both these restrictions exist to somehow make dart "More Secure" even though in chrome apps, there are already a whole host of security restrictions designed to prevent XSS. My app owns all the windows, and according to Chrome Runtime docs, they all share the same process/V8 space. So sending around object references should not be this freaking hard.

I could try and serialize the image data and postMessage between windows to send , but this seems like a dumb and slow idea. These images may be very high res, and there are outstanding bugs for when dart proxies/unproxies Blob/bytearrays/etc when sending between windows. I don't want to spend another 3 nights just to confirm it won't work.

So can anyone give me suggestions on how to do this? Javascript doesn't have these restrictions wrt multi-window chrome apps.  I've wasted 3 days on trying out workarounds.
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It's built right into dart2js and its incredibly broken. The dart json story is still broken as well. Sure you can write heaps of tojson to do it. But most other languages use reflection. But wait reflection can't be used because it breaks tree shaking. It's been 3 years and dart still lacks robust simple json support, which is now a key feature of the modern web. Sure I can convert to maps but that's pretty weak.
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Mike Mitterer

Discussion  - 
Docker + Dart
If you need to build a dart project without Dart installed you can use docker :

cd $myProject
docker run --rm -v $PWD:/app -it google/dart sh -c "cd app/ && pub build"

This helped me today to workaround an issue where it was not possible to build a project on a Mac due to .

This can also provide a way to compile with an other dart version. Thus you can have the latest stable version installed and build with the latest dev version. 
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OT but .. Note to self, do not define an 'rm' command line argument
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I made a torrent library with pure dartlang for dart developers.
This library support basic spec (bep3, bep23) and  DHT (bep5) now.
This library can run on  chrome api and dart:io.

Let me know what you think.
dart_hetimatorrent - dart torrent library
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Emil Persson

Announcements  - 
Just so everyone knows, we just did an awesome open hangout without topics and agendas. We just talked about Dart and programming in general. And I had a great time! So, you know. Get on it, fools.
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We just hung out, you guys. Once again +Ole Martin Gjersvik is the one managing it all, so he'd be the one with the links and the recordings and that.
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Mehmet D. Akın

Announcements  - 
If anyone is interested, I added initial dart implementation for open location code project.
open-location-code - Open Location Codes are short, generated codes that can be used like street addresses, for places where street addresses don't exist.
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Tommi Enenkel

Announcements  - 
slack_bot now has a Search plugin that uses Google Custom Search. The Reddit Plugin now searches through any subreddit you want.

Supercharge your Slack experience with slack_bot and write your own plugins today :)

If you want to try slack_bot, I'll gladly help you with setup.
slack_bot - A bot for written in Dart
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This project also shows off how easy it is to build great applications with Dart and Pub. I have spent less than two work days accumulated on the project and it already hosts six plugins. All of the plugins i write were written in 30-90 minutes.

It is really easy to write your own plugin. Take a look at the Google Custom Search Plugin:
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After the zeroth test show I have made some changes after some community feedback.

First of a name change its now just Dart Live.

The second is that to enable a more global audience we have to do this more async.
So for shows that don't need a big live audience. I will scheduled a normal hangout at lest 24 hours in advanced. At a date and time that works for the speaker. And we will let the part of the community that is available at the time join the live show. Then a later time i will edit one or more together to make show that i put on YouTube and other platforms. For now i will only announce these smaller live events on my own g+ page. Later we will have a Dart Live page.

For episodes that need a bigger live audience I will use services like and schedule them at least a week in advanced and market them more aggressively. 

For now new episode will come online as they are ready. But you can expect more regular scheduled in the future when this R&D phase is over.
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I think that is a good change, and a good thing in general for Dart. more the Dart community will produce tutorial, video, ... more some great package could be saw by others and maybe good pratice and tips ^^.
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