Hi Dartisans, quick question: What are some big & important developer conferences that usually happen between September and November?

Things I'm looking at:

● What types of developers does the event attract? Java devs? JavaScript devs? Systems engineers? SW architects? (Some ‘get’ Dart, Flutter and AngularDart more than others.)
● What level of developers attend? Students? Hobbyists? Professional developers? Tech leads? CTOs? CEOs? (All are important, but we want a good mix.)
● How many people attend? ~100? ~500? ~2000? 5000+?
● Does the conference normally provide videos of sessions? Streaming?

Here's what I have so far (in chronological order):

● JavaZone Norway
● StrangeLoop
● Gartner’s Symposium/ITxpo
● Mobile and Disruptive Technology Summit (India)
● JAX (London)
● Codemotion Berlin
● ReactiveConf (Bratislava)
● Devoxx Belgium
● QCon (San Francisco)
● Øredev (Malmo, Sweden)

I'm not saying we'll be on all those events. I just want to have a comprehensive list, and this is where simple Google/Eventbrite/... searches got me.

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Ever dream in HTML and CSS? Check out Web Analogs to ramp up quickly with Flutter! https://flutter.io/web-analogs/

We're happy to introduce a new type of page on flutter.io. Analogs are side-by-side mappings of common application design patterns to their Flutter/Dart equivalents.
Web Analogs map HTML/CSS > Flutter/Dart. If you're a web layout ninja, we hope it helps you ramp up quickly with Flutter!


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This video covers upgrading flutter, keeping it up to date for your project.


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Creating a StatefulWidget in Flutter...


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Hi Dartisans,

I've drafted a high-level messaging API that could work in various environments that need some kind of boundary cross (wire format and object serialization, e.g. between web- and service workers, web sockets...). My desire is that instead of sending a blob through postMessage() and rolling your own parsing on the other side, most applications could define their own data types and communication model in a more apparent way.

The main idea is that each side of the pipe provides a 'hub':

You register adapters that handle the serialization and deserialization:

You register message handlers (a service that responds to requests):

And the rest of the API is either generic stream (sendMessage, onMessage) or request-reply model (call, invoke).

I've also drafted three "transport handler" for web_worker, web_socket and service_worker, which gives you an idea how this may work on different transports:

Please, please, please, let me know what you think about it! I'd like to have a polished API that may be useful for different projects. It is not used anywhere yet, and it is possible to change it in any way that provides an improvement.


Another day, another confusion :)
There is "pub", there is "grinder" and there is "build".

Every one of them does something different, but they all overlap ...

I cannot see the bigger picture, how do they play together, where is this all heading to ... Anyone?


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Watch Flutter come to life in this visual git history....


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Hey there!

I plan to write a testing page for www.dartlang. (It won't cover web testing, which would be covered on webdev.dartlang.) My page will mention package:test but it won't repeat the excellent info in the README written by Natalie.

I have testing questions for the community.

How do you use the tags in package:test? For example, I know a developer who uses the test package for integration testing. He tags those tests with a "long-running" tag, and doesn't include them in his set of default tests, which are regular unit type tests. When he wants to run the integration test (which kicks off a server and takes awhile to process), he manually specifies running tests that are tagged with "long-running".

Does anyone else do something like this? Do you have useful tips for testing? How do you perform integration testing? Perhaps you use the webdriver package to simulate user input? (Though, again, I'm not covering web testing.) Do you use package:test in some clever way?

I really appreciate your feedback!


So it has been a while since I have messed with dart. Right now I only have my Raspi 3 to work with but I am running into a problem with my server. All it is saying is "Bus error" where it seems to be receiving a websocket connection. When I try to google this error, I get people referring to specific packages, but I don't use any but the stock packages.

edit: I found the line it appears to be happening in. https://github.com/bit-garden/bit-garden.github.io/blob/master/server.dart#L35

Any ideas?

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