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I know this is not related but...

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Given Names

XD Another inside joke. Gabrielle Ashdown was a character in the novels.

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Some excerpts:
“The female characters are there for the right reasons, for stories in which men and women play a part, not to be politically correct,” she said. “The women characters are just great characters.”

Ms. Abbington, who is (was)Mr. Freeman’s offscreen partner, said that she had been thrilled to discover her character’s secret. “I didn’t want her to be like so many female roles, propping up the male characters,” she said. “It’s always interesting to play flawed, layered characters, and she has done horrible things. We worked out early on that Mary and Sherlock have a lot in common. They are all kind of crazy; John is drawn to danger, Mary is a coldblooded killer, Sherlock a sociopath. I wanted to make sure she was as nuts as they are.”

“Molly is a Moffat-Gatiss special,” Ms. Brealey said. “I tried to make her into a human being rather than a joke, or a caricature. She doesn’t just have a crush on Sherlock. She sees something in him, a humanity, that no one else before John was able to see, because he can behave in such a monstrous way.” Molly continues to love Sherlock even as she dates other people (one turns out — yikes! — to be Sherlock’s archfoe, Moriarty), and that love, Ms. Brealey said, “is strangely redemptive” for both characters.

Ms. Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson) added that Mr. Gatiss and Mr. Moffat “have made me more saucy now, and a bit grubby, which I enjoy.” She added that she thought Mrs. Hudson had seen a lot of misbehavior. “So I put up with a lot from Sherlock, although sometimes the curtain comes down and I give him a bollocking,” she said, using the British term for a severe reprimand. “I adore him and John, and I like it all nice and cozy.”

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Oh yeah?!?
Prove it! By having new episodes this Fall!!
Us Sherlockians are eagerly waiting...

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Next time you're deducing and you have a theory, test it with some questions.

- What would disprove this theory?
- Am I lacking evidence for this theory?
- If this theory were true, what would I see? (#Abduction)

The key habit of scientific thinking is healthy skepticism. Holmes strives to take nothing at face value. Skepticism means asking questions, probing deeper. Don't just be satisfied with a theory, test it!

And then if you find evidence for a theory, test that too. Apply some stress on it. Keep asking questions.

As you can see, this doesn't just apply to deduction, but to all thinking. How often do we see assertions in the news, or our news feed, which are untested? How often do we see ideas or guesses thrown around with no real evidence to support it?

Deducing, and testing theories, is really just critical thinking. And that will serve you in all areas of life.

Keep asking questions!

#DeductionChallenge #ThinkLikeSherlock 

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Our man Cumberbatch is on a roll

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For April let's explore the art of eliminating theories, and coming to a final deduction.

These past few months I've actually been following the order of Holmes' three step thought process as described by Maria Konnikova in the book, Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes.

This thought process is:
- Observation: Getting data
- Imagination: Forming theories based on data
- Deduction: Testing the theories to find the truth

Holmes himself said, "When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Deduction is about testing each theory to see if it's true, and then eliminating the false ones until the truth remains.

Scientists do this all the time with their experiments, putting their ideas to the test. Now we'll see about doing this ourselves.

#DeductionChallenge #ThinkLikeSherlock #Deduction

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