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Image Here  (Anime/drawing my be allowed)

|| lillykit || Lillypaw || lillyflight ||

Name ;; liilypaw
Age ;; 6 moons
Gender ;; female 
Rank ;; apprentice
Rank Wanted ;; apprentice
History [optional] ;; nope
Personality traits ;;
Likes ;;
-her clan
Dislikes ;;
Crush ;; no
Mate ;; no 
Kits ;; no
Clan;; Windclan
Other ;; nope

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my form;; 

|| Batkit || Batpaw || Batglaze || || Batstar ||

Name ;; Batstar
Age ;; 35 moons
Gender ;; male
Rank ;; Leader
Rank Wanted ;; leader
History [optional] ;; nope 
Personality traits ;;
- Arrogant
Likes ;;
-his clan
Dislikes ;;
Crush ;; no/open
Mate ;; no/open
Kits ;; no/open
Clan;; Riverclan
Other ;; I accept my self XD 

lillypaw padded around camp wondering what to do. when she spotted stealthstar she ran over to him.  "Hello stealthstar!" she mewed and padded over to the black almost black male. 

Batstar padded out of his den to look for windynight. He saw the fiery she-cat had an fish clammed in her jaws. "Oh Windynight there you are." he meowed as he padded to her. "I see you have an fish. Can you give that the the elders?" he admired the she-cat well not just because there were best of friends, but leader and deputy.

is it ok if i be leader of Windclan?

Hey, can I maybe play the leader of ShadowClan??


for warrior cats post on getting into an clan sign up for one of these and then you may join. You can be accepted by my co-owner or you can be accepted by me or the mods. thank you!

Image Here  (Anime/drawing my be allowed)

|| Kit Name || Apprentice Name || Warrior Name ||

Name ;;
Age ;;
Gender ;;
Rank ;;
Rank Wanted ;;
History [optional] ;;
Personality traits ;;
Likes ;;
Dislikes ;;
Crush ;;
Mate ;;
Kits ;;
Other ;;

-Thank you!

For Shadow clan plot tag, #shadow,
For Riverclan, #river,
For thunderclan, #Thunder
For Windclan, #Wind
-Thank you

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It was early morning, and the members of ShadowClan were just waking up.  Stealthstar was the first to awake, sharp green optics blinking out the sleep.

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Windynight padded into camp, a fish clamped firmly in her jaws. Perhaps she would poison the fish and feed it to Batstar... And then when he lost a life, she would simply say the river must be polluted. But no, now was not the right time.
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