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What are Makoras?

Makoras are a sharklike species with black eyes that live near the bottom of the ocean, usually alone or in groups of up to 4.

If you choose to make or buy a Makora, join the community below, read the rules, and have your Makora approved by me, otherwise it won't be registered officially.

Buying/Selling rules:
Buying: please check that the Makora you bought/are about to buy is registered :)
Selling: You can sell a Makora only if you have bought rights to the species, or are a co owner. If you aren't and want to get rid of your Makora, you can trade it for a different closed species, like a Reaper, etc. Please contact me before doing any of these.

Closed or open species:
Closed, but I will do many MYO events and stuff, may eventually be semi open, idk yet.

Common Makoras: the colors of any shark species, usually with the same patterning for that species
Uncommon Makoras: These have one unnatural color, can have any pattern with that color overtop of the natural patterning.
Rare Makoras: 2-3 unnatural colors, same rules as uncommon.
Ultra Rare Makora coloring: any colors or patterns found on any fish species, except lion fish. Patterning and coloring must both match fish species used.

What do Makoras eat?
A Makora will try and eat pretty much anything that isn't poisonous and tries to swim away, like fish, sometimes even squid and small sharks.

Makora trait rules:
Please, if you use ultra rare traits, try to keep to a max of 3 per Makora. Other than that, mix and match whatever traits you wish!

Alpha Makora:
The alpha Makora is the lionfish Makora. There is only one, and it has the same long, poisonous spines and striped patterning as the fish does, to help protect it from other Makoras trying to take its position. The alpha is also the only one able to eat poisonous things, but it has a hard time eating more prickly creatures like pufferfish. (Taken)


Co Owners:
(50 pts to join, can make infinite Makoras of all rarities except alpha)
+Kay Draws

Trait rights

(Each trait right purchased allows the buyer to make 5 Makoras with traits of that level and levels below)

Common: free
Uncommon: 5 pts
Rare: 15 pts
Ultra rare:35 pts

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My first shot at drawing a makora sorry it looks bad I'm not used to using a pen
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