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London Cross-Faction Drinks

As part of the Abaddon anomaly series, Niantic have again honoured us with an event.  This time, it will be a Flash Shards Special Event, on Saturday 24 October.

We're not yet sure what that entails.  But we know it will involve shards.  And, as the last anomaly proved, everyone in London loves shards...

Of course, in the heat of battle, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that we play Ingress for fun.  With - and against - some amazing people.  People that we have a great deal in common with.  People that we should probably get to know better.

So, just a day or so before we go into battle, agents from both factions will meet, drink and be merry, in the heart of our wonderful city.  Its a great chance to get to know your teammates, and your frenemies, over a pint or two (or more!).  Many people have started playing since we last had a city-wide cross-faction meet back in February, so hopefully we can get an even better turnout than we did back then.

Please join us there, and remind yourself what the true spirit of Ingress is all about.
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