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I happened to notice that the widget's "Now folder ball" is smaller than in the actual folders on Nexus 5x. Can that be adjusted in the app settings (couldn't find) or is this some sort of scaling issue?

I've been running c.a.f for a few weeks and just recently upgraded to take advantage of multiple triggers. Unfortunately, the setting doesn't stick and reverts back to a single trigger.

Any suggestions?


I love C.A.F. on my phone. However when I want to install it on my tablet, Google play store says, that my device isn't compatible with this version. Can you enable download for tablets as well?

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Widget size gets screwed up in landscape mode.
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Will there be icon pack support in the future updates?

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Update 1.0.1 and Valentine's Day Discount

Aycon 2.0 isn’t the only thing we have released today. Update 1.0.1 of C.A.F. fixes some minor issues which occurred when using a custom icon pack with a missing image or when importing a older Nova launcher configuration file.

We are also celebrating Valentine's Day with a 50% discount on our Combined Trigger so feel free to unlock the feature and support this project if you haven’t already.

Thanks a lot and have a great day!

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Hi everyone,

we have just released version 2.0 of Aycon with support for round icons and app shortcuts. In case you haven’t heard about the app before (which could be very likely): With Aycon you can create custom shortcuts for apps, regular shortcuts and app shortcuts for your home screen.

Why is this important for C.A.F? That’s because the shortcuts created by Aycon can be used for your C.A.F. scenarios and it allows some of the following things:

- Choose a custom icon for your apps / shortcuts regardless of your current configured icon pack
- Customize the title of your apps and shortcuts
- Use app-shortcuts to get contextual access to specific app-actions*

Feel free to give it a try (it’s free and without ads) and let me know what you think about it.

*We can’t use the official App-Shortcut API which is only available for launcher apps on Android 7.1 that’s why ‘dynamic shortcuts’ and shortcuts which target non-public classes are not supported. The feature is also not available on some devices (e.g. Samsung devices like the Galaxy S4 and Sony devices) because the description file which contains the list of static shortcuts is incomplete on those device. We’re still not sure why that’s the case but it’s very unlikely that we find a solution for the problem. Those things are also the reason why we can’t add app shortcut support to C.A.F. until Google makes the API available to non-launcher apps like ours.

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C.A.F. 1.0 is now available!

We have just released our first non-beta release on the Play Store which should be available in a few minutes. Before we go into the details I want to thank everyone for taking part in the beta program and for all your feedback and suggestions. We've been working really hard during the last weeks to get as much of your feedback and suggestion into our first public release and we do our best to continue doing so in the future for upcoming updates.

Here are the main changes of the new release:

New folder styles
‘Trigger icon’ and ‘Colored shape’ have been added to the list of available folder style. The first one is very simple: The trigger icon (e.g. Headset) of the current active scenario is displayed in a color and size of your choice on of our backgrounds of your choice. The second one is a shape of your choice that is colored depending on the active trigger type. You can also define custom colors for each trigger type including the the transparency in case you want to hide the folder in certain situations (e.g. if there is no active scenario available)

Both variants are ‘device neutral’ so they could be a good fit regardless of launcher type or theme.

New customization options
Visual changes to your expanded folder view are now possible through a new tab in our ‘Folder style’ section. Some new customization options have been added including the ability to change the folder label color.

Nova config import
If you are using Nova Launcher then you are now able to import your configuration backup files which will adjust your folder style to match the look of your Nova app folder. It’s a beta feature because Nova offers some customization options that we can’t provide but it should be helpful nonetheless.

Thanks Jacob E. for the suggestion!

Combined trigger
Our first paid feature is a new trigger makes it possible to create complex scenarios by combining a primary trigger, a secondary trigger and one of 3 logical operators (AND, OR, AND NOT). A good example is to get quick access to different music apps / playlists depending on the location where you plug in your headset (at home / not at home) but I’m sure that you can come up with some more interesting use-cases :)

Help / Tutorial
A help section is now available which answers some commonly asked questions and solution to problems which might occur while using the app. When adding your first widget you’ll also see a new dialog which gives you a quick overview on all the customizing options that available through our ‘Folder style’ section. It’s not always possible to offer you the right style / sizes for your device that’s why we wanted to make it clearer that options to adjust the style are available.

Custom priorities
You can override our default priorities if you want to prioritize some of your scenarios higher than others. It’s disabled by default because it might confuse new users but feel free to enable it through the settings.

Performance improvements
Hardly a update without these right? ;-) But all jokes aside we've been able to optimize the code of our expanded folder which results in a much smoother expand animation when clicking on a folder. Doing so also allowed us to offer a option to further increase or decrease the animation speed if you prefer to do so.

Feel free to let us know what you think about the update here on G+ or on the Play Store.
And as always if you like the app then please share it with your friends, family or on the social network of your choice because it helps us out a lot. Thanks for your support!
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+ts-apps I really love your app! It's genius!
I miss only:

1. App Shortcuts support (Android 7.1+);

2. Normalize Icon Size (to follow Material Design guidelines, like Pixel Launcher, Nova etc. More info:;

3. Reveal effect/animation to open apps too (like open folders).

Can you add this features? Thank you so much!

Great concept and execution. A suggestion though. Like another user said,it would be awesome to have a preference level system.
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