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Hello Everyone welcome to Avatar Musik where you can get the app for free
Take pictures, do videos of Avatar Musik and With your friends too there
If you want to see My Avatar name is Kyla125

Hi guys good news am going to download Avatar music today so I might be done of the download around 11:00pm

I don't have Avatar Music Anymore
So am going to download it on July 1

Hi guys just so you know am back from the game from like a long time for 24 days well I came back at Mar 18 I detele the app on April 1 but I download it back again I don't like the new face that much

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Playing Avatar Musik now
10:40am - 12:00pm
NAME: Kyla125

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If you got Music ly
Hit the heart and be a fan
Check it out on YouTube Kyla

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Check out my Music ly I made
New video hope you like it and check my other videos out

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Playing Avatar Musik at 4:50pm today
Bye guys
Name of my Avatar: Kyla125

Playing Avatar Musik now
Avatar Name: Kyla125
Playing time: 8:20 - 10:30pm
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