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Collab channel:

Let me know what we should change to make it better

If you would like to join the collaboration channel send me a message on

Or leave your channel link on the comment section below and I'll contact you.
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not interested
I would like to join! :D
I think the banner and icon sucks
I like it
not interested
I would like to join! :D
I think the banner and icon sucks

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Collab Channel :

My collab channel is still open, first time announcing this on the youtube community for Small channel / looking for

This collab channel has 3 members inside. Need 2 more or maybe 3 more youtubers to enter. If you're interested in a collab channel, keep reading.

How to enter :

⍟Make a video of yourself answering these questions

☞ Your name ( The way you want them to call you )
☞ Your age
☞ Reason why you decided to join this collab channel

At the end say
" So dare me "

⍟Make sure it's HD & your video is flat

⍟ Remember that if you are chosen, your video that you send me will be the one I use for the introduction to the youtube channel

⍟Leave the videos URL in a message, on the discussion section OR on the comment section below.


↪It's where your subscribers can dare you to do something NEW.

↪ if they ask you to do a tag, pranks, challenges, vlogs, or even read bad comments you'll have to pick one.

↪This channel is completely random, since everyone will be doing there own thing. With there own subscribers + the others that come in because of other channels that will dare you or someone else. ( if you have no subscribers don't worry I can dare you to do something )

↪The subscribers can also dare you to do a collab with one of the members or even make you do a giveaway, or contest.

→ What i will be looking for in the video is :

⤞ The personality!!!
⤞ If it's HD
⤞ Your work on editing your video

Good luck and can't wait to see the videos! :DD

If your looking to see if its still open just know that on the 26th it ends. ( if when I upload the video there are less than 6 people that means there is still a position left )

Bellow I will show you the channel & I will make sure to contact you before the 26th and if you don't answer after 24 hours I'll have to pick someone else.

Link to the new channel I'm making :


If you decide you're not ready for a collab channel, you can dare us to do challenges, pranks, and many more !

Rules :

no sexual dares or anything that would harm us or anyone else.
be nice and get along, thanks and bye !


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