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you are a neko and trapped in a human cell. He comes to you and looks trough the bars, looking at you with amazement

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(somewhere in the forest at the edge of neko territory)
he wanders into the forest, trying to find some wild neko's doing whatever neko's do, he wants to learn what they do. He has his sketch book with him

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Name: jon
Gender: male
Species: hybrid (but looks mostly human and he doesn't know about it)
Rank: rogue
Likes: my family, the water ,my lucky necklace and my home
Dislikes: this war, innocent people (including nekos) getting killed and my former commander
Weapons: the MP7 with suppressor and M1911
Abilities: none
Weakness: getting shot at, staff fights and magic attack
Bio:when i was 10 year old the war started i remembered seeing it on the news my parents told me that the war will never reached them how wong thay were. When i was 11 it happen, during the night the nekos made a daring attack on his home town during the attack my parents and family were captured i ran out of town not before a neko tyred to capture me, she almost did until i knock out her with a rock i saw a necklace shape like a paw print around her neck i takes it and runs i turns and see everyone in the town being taken i heard stores about what happens to people who are captured i heard that thay would be turn into nekos i was saddened about it that i will never see his parents again. I walked all night and all day until i fell on the ground very tired next thing i knew i was in a military transport and a medic checking me the medic ask me how i got out there i told him everything i was taken to a field hospital where i got treatment the commander saw potential in me and next thing i know 9 years of training when i finished i have gotten my first assignment we were invading a neko controlled town i was checking a apartment building when i found this room it looked like any normal room but i saw a picture it had 4 nekos in them 2 of them look like my parents but the other two i didn't know who they were but thay look like 15 year olds a girl and a boy. I heard a bottle break in the next room i look inside it see that thay where those two teens thay where scared i felt sorry for them and told them to be quite i walk out and i saw two soldiers coming in thay push my out of the way next i heard the two teens screaming then something inside me told me to help them so i shot thee two soldiers in the arm those teens thank me for helping them but i know that i will be marked as a traitor so i ran i soon found an abandoned house by the sea within neko tertiary i sometimes talk to the neko trading information for supplys and that's how i got here so i gave you information now give me some supplys before i start charging you rent

(Open rp to nekos)
i was at my house at the beach in neko control area i was a traitor to the humans i trade wepons and information to the nekos thay know what I've done including you. You where on a supply Misson for the nekos you were going to trade food for information that i have gathered you arrive at my house where you...

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Name: Ailani

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid

Rank: Solider

Likes: Blood, Gold, EDM

Dislikes: The Human Government

Weapons:  Katana, Honey badger

Abilities: Healing

Weaknesses: She stands out for everyone else because of her red eyes .



+Logan Shadowheart did I make a profile already? I cant remember.

((Open RP.))
I was walking up towards the top of the mountain around the rocky area from behind it. I was climbing the rocks and was pasting by different areas as the land turn to snow and the weather being more closer toward being cold with the sir to being thinner then ever.

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Soren Dusk Haze

Dusk, Haze, or both.





Normal guy things. (Ex: Sports, girls, etc.) His Lapis Lazuli earring.

Alot of things.

Dagger and a wristgun (like Yang's from Rwby)

Shadow manipulation, can immensely hurt you with a powerful punch.

The freezing cold, thats why he wears a sweater. The shadow cold is different.

Soren's parent were murdered the day he was born. The orphanage took him in until he was 4 years old then he was adopted by a strange old man. The old man taught Soren that he was part of the last of his kind and how to use his powers.


Ravaging Darkness:
You command the shadows to strip magical effects from those around you for 15 sec.

Flee through Shadow:
You beat a hasty retreat leaving an illusion of yourself behind to fool those who may come after you. Lasts 5 min.

Step through Shadow:
In a blink you step through your shadow into the shadow plane and appear in another.

Shadow Manuever:
You are able to pull the shadows into various forces and assault a creature. Lasts 1 min. 30 sec.

Blank Senses:
You shroud the targets senses in darkness, causing him to be unable to see, hear, taste, and smell. Lasts 12 sec.

Cloak of Shadows:
Your body seems to shift and fade between the material plane and the plane of shadow.

Cold Seize:
Chilling shadows grip the subject with pain, and slow their rate of movement. Takes a while to charge but hwne it is charged it lasts 8 sec.

Creeping Shadows:
The power of shadow works it's way through the target, inflicting them with ever increasing pain. Lasts 8 sec.

Shadow Strings:
You infuse the dead with the power of the shadows. Lasts until they get hit 3 times.
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Name: Joseph Farrell
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Hybrid

Rank: Information Gatherer

Likes: Getting to know new people

Dislikes: Unfriendly people

Weapons: Concealed dual swords, and a Pistol

Abilities: Very agile, can turn invisible for a limited amount of time

Weaknesses: Hard to resist against the opposite gender, leaving clues on purpose, has a habit of unintentionally listening to other peoples conversations

Bio: He grew up by himself, learning to stay hidden, and gather information. He was one day found while eavesdropping on a conversation and starting living a little bit on the run ever since.


center of city

i am following you to gather information because my client needs the it, you turn around, but I'm invisible for the moment and you don't notice me
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