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Description things lesson 1: small & little vs Large & big
‪#‎Small‬ & ‪#‎little‬:
male: Is’g’eer --> صغير
Female: Is'g'eerah --> صغيرة
Male & Female plural --> Is’g’aar --> صغار
‪#‎Large‬ & ‪#‎Big‬
Male: ikbeer --> كبير
Female: ikbeereh --> كبيرة
Male & female plural: ikbaar --> كبار
Note: at the example up " Eiid which means hand in English" it is considered as female

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They really didn't even touch on AAVE and other minority dialects.

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Hello in different languages... then the "how are you"'s

French:    Bonjour ... comment allez-vous? ( comont alle vou)
German: Guten Tag , Hallo...wie geht es dir ?  ( wi get es dear)
Dutch:  Hallo, hoe gaat het met u? ( who khat het met ou)
Spanish : ¡ hola (ola)... ¿cómo estás( comostas) 
Italian : ciao ( chaw)...come stai ( comestai)
Portuguese :  Olá ...como você está (como vosesta)
Tai :สวัสดี (so(m)wat di)...คุณเป็นอย่างไร (koun pen yan rai)
Turkish : merhaba ...nasılsın ( nasilsin)
Czech : ahoj (ahoy) ... jak se máte (yak semate)
Russian : привет (privet)...как дела ( kake jealle)

Hindi :नमस्ते (namastee)...आप कैसे हैं (apa kaise haim)
Persian : سلام ( salam)...حال شما چطور است ( hale shoma chetor ast?)


This community is awesome! I would like to learn to say hello in many languages. I am a teacher in the United States and I would like to learn hello as a sign of respect for my students' parents. Can anyone share hello in any language?

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It's effortless english that AJ. Hoge directed it and in my opinion it's one of the greatest in all english learning channels.
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