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Who wants to be in either of the pics with my oc? (If u want to be in the dance one, which dance flic film do u want?)
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Huh? When did this?

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Name: Rose Song
Gender: female
Pony type: Earth pony but has magic
Talents: singing and any type of art

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Name:Amy (this is also my real name)
Age:9(well I know she isn't in a filly base but on my other posts I put her as 9 so yeah)
Gender :Girl
Bio:she gets mad when you lie or be mean!!!!!! Oh and shes also an artist in ponyville!

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Name: star light
sex: mare
Race: pegasus
cm meaning/talent: if she flies fast enough at night the entire sky lights up.
sexuality: bi
Guy crush: Ezio Aditore Da Firenze(from ac2)
girl crush: vinyl scratch(DJPon3)
Bio: dont have one yet...
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