How do you #merge #categories?

Any posts made to a public community showing in a members stream are visible to the public with or without signing into Google or Google+. This also includes the comments made to those posts by anyone.

Do you get a bell notification when someone comments on a post if you haven't +1 or commented?

Can anyone view what is on a G+ page that was shared in a public group?

The only way to be notified of a new comment on a post your interested in is to comment on the post. +1 doesn't do it.

This applies to email, phone, and bell notifications.

Just comment following I've seen that other places.

When posting to a private community posts will show up in your home stream however only you will see them.

Invitation G+ Hangouts are they private? Yes & no.

From multiple responses from a variety of places I've learned that they are private to those who were invited, and those that the invited invite.

So yes & no. You can not stop someone from inviting someone, and you can not uninvite someone who has entered the chat.

And of course they are only as private as a computer and conversation can be based on the system of each individual user who has access to the text & archive.

You can share document to the Community via Google Drive with some public access granted. Either requiring they have the link or public. There is no difference in how they show, just who would have access to the link.

This would not be completely private as the could reshare the link anywhere.

If you need it to be completely private you would need to add people individually to the document by their Google Account and require log in. However again, really nothing you've shared with another individual will ever be truly private as they can copy and share it themselves.

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Sharing documents in a public community.. what's the best option?

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This document is shared to the public. No login is required nor is the link.
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