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name: Jane Arkensaw (Jane the Killer)
age: 25
weapon: knife
best at: stealth
description: (see picture)

Alrighty, who's here?

Okay who's in the mood for dodge ball~?


From now on, whenever a "teacher" holds a class, you are expected to attend. Giving each individual student a schedule has been too much of a hassle seeing as most of our teacher positions are unfilled.

Thank you,

+alex d+Beyond Birthday+candace mathis+Catherine TheWolf+Daniella Vallve+Diamond 2Cute+emmanuel54321+Eyeless Jack+Ghost Mike+Honey Chan+jimmy Casket+Joey Fantasi+Joy Lee Hensley+Kayzy Madernic+Krystal Teague+Lilli Brisbois+LionAmber Tiger+Marconi Castellan+Maribel FNAF+Megan Conner+Nathanael Bateman+Paige The Notepad+Ragnolia !!!!+Shyness Darkblood and Darkness+Toby Rogers+Trinity Melody+vatra captor+Flippy Lalonde

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Name: Jeffrey Woods
Age: 26
Weapon choice: my favorite knife
Best quality: stealth
Story: on most creepypasta websites and YouTube just go look it up
Apperence: has a Chelsea smile, white hoodie which is normally blood stained, black slacks, bleached skin, and l black hair.

Girls love me

Hello, mister woods

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Name: Jasmine the killer
Age: immortal
Gender: female/wolf
Likes: killing fun
Dislikes: failing
Crushes: most of the creepypasta boys

Favorite Weapon: teeth
Description: bully victim, short, shy, eats eyes and tongues of victims.
Best at: biting and tearing with teeth.
Story: bullied at school. got revenge by eating classmates in the playground after hours.
Bio: hi everyone! im alex. but you can call me "bites". it'd sure be swell to get to know you all. if not, i can always just sink my teeth into you ^-^

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The Violet dorm is home to many students, and is over seen by three teachers. Jeff, Sally, and Jane.

Students who live here from now on:
+Marconi Orihara
+Joey Fantasi
+alex d

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Name: Slenderman (headmaster)
Age: unknown and I don't wish to tell you.
I do not use a weapon.
Best at Stealth.
Description: Tall, pale, and faceless. 
I am slender, notorious for killing children. While its true, I do, its mostly bratty teenagers who trash my forest and take my drawings. Most of the time, I'm a decent guy, with major anger issues.
I believe proper manners are quite important, and if you disrespect your teachers, a few of whom are my proxies, you will not like what happens.
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