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Canon Characters

Jesse(Male 1) as +Roman Bellic
Jesse-( Male 2) as
Jesse(Male 3) as
Jesse(Female 1) as +Jordan Reynolds AKA Zora the cheetah​​​​
Jesse(Female 2) as
Jesse(Female 3) as
Axel as
Ruben as
Petra as +DanWithAGasMask​​
Olivia as
Lukas as +Lukas​​​
Ivor as
Gabriel as
Soren as
Ellegard as
Magnus as

-This is a remake. Because I keep my promise of making the community professionally-

Welp, There's really no need for this place to be around anymore even though Season 2 came

My name is Lanaxy and I'd like to introduce you to my charachter;

Lanaxy is 12 years old girl who like adventures and sunny days. She likes to read and wach YT videos.
Her favorite series of books is Harry Potter.
She lives in the woods with her companion Wolfie.

Lanaxy have weird scar on her back that looks like a potato.(not really,her scar is just and ordinary scar xD)

I don't have drawing of her on my phone right now so I'll post another post about her tommorow.

Wow it's been quiet like a lot, Why hasn't there been any activity here lately

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(Only Profile) (OC)
Name: ThatAGBro Gamer (AG or Mark)
Gender: Male
Species: Player (Human)
Age: Teen (Not in IRL though XD)
Personality: Kind, Scared of Most Mobs
Likes: Crafting, Mining
Dislikes: Mobs (Enderman and Creepers to be exact)
Enemies: (None)
Bio: Ever since the aftermaths of the first event (MC story mode) he has lost his parents while escaping from the wither.
He is a bit weak but able to fight for himself.
He is kinda fast but not that fast so may be a bit behind.
He Cares for others.


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AG was mining some iron happily
(open RP)

Oh my god what happened to the group, has no one posted since I made that Jetra ship?

I think I'm the only one that pointed out that we made 100 members


greetings friends. i am pama. surely you have heard of me. after all im from story mode, and why is there no portal hall, builder game or crown mesa rp sections?
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