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A must watch may just open your eyes

New conspiracy....Ebola intended for population control??? I am finalizing my research to post by midnight. Any thoughts anyone?

Hey here is a new twist on an old one. Well with the story of Prometheus who was casted out of heavan because he "cared about the humans". Well that is part of the great "deception" these luciferians will bring to you. But recently I heard of an old group still around today called "The Sons of the Fallen" who believe that the fallen angels are the good ones and God is the evil one. They believe the Messiah will come and take his seat at the throne of the holy temple in Israel. Isn't that the Anti-Christ?

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what do you guys suppose this is?

Hey just started this we are ready to start taking in your original Conspiracy Theory or your thoughts on already established Conspiracy Theory.
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