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Friday February 3, at 1700 UTC, Vance Stevens and Jeff Kuhn,
Co-moderators of EVO Minecraft MOOC, present EVO Minecraft MOOC: Third time around overview, #learning2gether episode 360

#EVOMC17 is now in its third iteration of seeking to introduce teachers to Big G Gamification by experiencing the concept through interaction with teaching peers in the “little g” game of #Minecraft. The presentation explains how the community has sustained itself for three years as a space where experienced players and noobs alike can contribute to each other’s appreciation of Minecraft as a “toy” for enabling learning over a wide range of concepts.

This presentation will focus on the evolution of the #EVOsessions Minecraft MOOC community from 2015 through the present, how it has indeed become a community, who it has attracted from other networks, and the interesting move from starting in creative and then morphing to survival (2015 and 2016, to the running of two parallel worlds as we do today (2017).

In WizIQ, here


Stream, to be announced, see for more information

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The final EVO2017 moderators' training wrap-up, Learning2gether Episode 351 is at 1400 UTC in Bb Collaborate, All are welcome to join us in the live event space, and for those who can't make it there or just want to tune in, it will be streamed on with text chat where you can interact with the live partipants at

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On Sun Oct 9 1400 UTC Susan Hillyard will talk with #learning2gether, episode 346, about the Trials and Tribulations of opening your own On-line Academy

Susan took a course with Nellie Deutsch where she learned to design, build and open her first 6 week online course in her Academy SHELTA. "In this presentation I will discuss how exciting and how difficult it was for me to get my head around the technology and how my first two courses panned out leaving me thrilled and determined to open a new theme as soon as possible."

The result was SHELTA here:

Where? Bb Collaborate

Live Stream
This event has a watch page. If you can't get into Bb Collaborate, watch here
Or check for stream and live chat via

When? 1400 UTC (GMT) - 11 a.m. in Buenos Aires

More information at

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Google has announced that Hangouts on Air will no longer function as such after Sept 12, 2016

What does this mean for us? According to Alan Levine, not much as long as you avoid "encoder land"

Jeff Lebow has come up with a Plan B and he and Vance will meet on #learning2gether  on Sunday Aug 28 at 1400 UTC to try and dissemble how Google's moving Hangouts to YouTube Live might or might not impact us very much. All are welcome to join us.

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Jürgen Wagner has asked Learning2gether the help promote this Globinar with Allan Carrington - the "imagineer" of the Padagogy Wheel - as Learning2gether episode 338

You can find more information at
The PADAGOGY WHEEL in the Flipped Classroom

Here is the time where you are, 1700 UTC

And of course you can find more information updated as needed at the Learning2gether events portal

or its tinyurl

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On Monday June 20 1000 UTC Learning2gether 336 features a discussion of Teacher/Practitioner Research, with Mark Wyatt, Anne Burns, and Judith Hanks

The presenters have just published an article in the On the Internet column of TESL-EJ entitled Teacher/Practitioner Research: Reflections on an Online Discussion

The discussion is on the evolution of that topic, its findings, and implications.

There is growing interest in educational research conducted by teachers and other practitioners in learning environments. There is also a growing willingness among educators to discuss such research in environments that are open and online. However, for some of those engaging with such forms of inquiry in such online spaces, puzzles remain. For example,
- For it to count as ‘research’, does teacher/practitioner ‘research’ have to be shared?
- Can this happen in non-academic ways, and why is this beneficial?
- In what ways is teacher/practitioner research valuable in itself as an activity?
- What forms of such research are open to teachers, how are they similar and how do they differ?
- What are the defining characteristics of one of these forms, ‘exploratory practice’, and what does it look like in practice?
- What kinds of support are required so that teacher/practitioner research is a more viable activity for both teachers and their learners?

These were some of the questions raised in a recent online discussion involving teachers and academics from all over the world. It provided dialogic learning opportunities and encouraged a sharing of insights from educators working from different perspectives but united in the common cause of supporting deeply ethical, empowering teacher/practitioner research. This article represents the moderators’ reflective summary of the discussion, produced with a view to disseminating current ideas on this topic and stimulating further debate.

Where? Google+ Hangout on Air
Text chat with presenters while watching the stream at
Watch the event live as it streams on YouTube,
Chat with the presenters live, or before or after the event at

When? 10:00 UTC
Time where you are

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On Monday June 13 at 1700 UTC #Learning2gether 335 will comprise a Globinar on free PD resources that Peggy George has collected in Livebinders

Jürgen Wagner has announced his latest "globinar" as being presented by "two outstanding members of the webheads community" so all concerned have agreed to conduct the event in parallel with this week's Learning2gether Episode 335 (Note that the event is being held on a Monday.)

Dr. Peggy George will be talking about Sources of Free or Low-cost Professional Development on Demand. The hostess will be Rita Zeinstejer. The event is announced for this Monday at 19:00h -20:30h CET (Central European Time)

Access link:
Full link:
Info: (shortened link)

Register here:

For more information, see

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This Sunday Sun June 5 1400 UTC Vance Stevens and Jeff Lebow will meet and talk about old times and new projects, all in the spirit of informality that infuses all our online projects past and present. We plan (if that is the correct word :-) to discuss these in a context of informal learning.

We've invited Dave Cormier to join us and fill us in on the Rhizosphere, which is verging on a Rhizo16 MOOC one of these days. Dave is quite busy and may or may not be able to join us. I'll edit this space closer to show time.

Meanwhile, Hangouts with Jeff are always F.U.N. so tune in if you have time, all are welcome to join us

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Hope you'll join us for #Learning2gether  Episode 333 with +Rita Zeinstejer who has created a comprehensive slide presentation on humour in learning, starting with cartoons and comix. There's much here to tickle your funny bone and those of your students.

Rita will be presenting using Bb Collaborate, details here

Rita Zeinstejer's presentation will examine how humour can be an effective tool in teaching and in creating the affective second language classroom. It will also examine the reasons why humour is sometimes avoided, and will dispel the myth that one must be a comedian to use humour in a language classroom.

The focus is on the use of cartoons with practical examples of how to use and adapt this particular resource. One doesn't have to be a gifted humorist to reap the benefits of using humour in the classroom.

Time 1400 UTC

Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)
Thanks to an ongoing grant from

For more information

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On Sunday May 22 1500 UTC Learning2gether meets with Susan Gaer on Students Producing Content. This event replaces one created as a regular Hangout (at same time, but this one includes the live stream).

Venue: Google+ Hangout on Air
Time 1500 UTC
Time where you are:

This event, scheduled in Hangout on Air, replaces one which appears to have been simply a Hangout (not recorded on YouTube)
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