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Everyone (well, some, including me) was complaning about the Vehicle Combat rules and the Chase rules. So I made the One-Scene-Vedose (Ve*hicle-Combat-*Do*gfight-Cha*se). They are supposed to feel natural and FFF at the table. I did not yet have the chance to test these out, only a previous version. This is a work in progress, so I am hoping for your feedback. Thanks in advance!

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A Savage Worlds racial template on the Tortle.

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This morning I broke out my original Star Frontiers Box Set from waaaay back in the day and showed it to my kids. They were excited and wanted to play. I'm thinking of running them through a game but using the Savaged version.
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Hoping +Clint Black​ and the Savages at large can help with a quick rules question, while the forums are down.

Does the Danger Sense Edge work for dangers outside of combat/ambushes, such as traps?

The flavor text sounds like it might, but the example only mentions an ambush.

Thanks all!

I'm sure someone has savaged Monster Hunters International. Does anybody have a link to it? Or is willing to share?

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I played in a TLP game over free rpg day, and the GM had these really great paper figure stands. They were similar to the Litko stands, but he also had these magnetic markers in different colors that could stack under the base to indicate shaken, wounds, etc. My google-fu is weak on this one, and for the life of me I cannot identify the stands or markers. Anyone know what they might be and where I can get them?

Hello everyone!
I am currently running Hellfrost for my group and have a couple of basic SWD questions. I am sure they have been answered in the forums, but with them down i will ask here

1. Casting a spell while in melee range/engaged? The SWD mentions 'Shooting', but i could find nothing on casting a spell while adjacent/engaged in melee.
So what is the ruling? and if there is a page number i will go read it : )

2. Wounds and fatigue. One player has 3 wounds and a fatigue level from a rat bite. a) is that even possible to have 3 wounds and 1 fatigue
b) Fatigue does not affect Pace, correct? i have found nothing in the fatigue sections that mention Pace and fatigue, which seems strange to me.

So that is all for now. Enjoying the Hellfrost setting, and we just finished up the adventure lair of the vermin Lord

I'm listening to the SWGM podcast about immersion. The debate is about notice rolls. Having the GM make the rolls vs "give me a roll to notice the ninjas...". I have an idea, I'm probably not the first person to have this. The issue is with the players ability to spend bennies on a worthwhile roll. What if at the start of every session you have each player make 5 notice rolls. They can spend bennies if they want. Write the results down then use those for the "secret" rolls. If the players say "I want to roll notice for X," let them roll normally.
This let's them decide ahead of time if they want to spend the bennies on the "secret" rolls.

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At the end of the Middle Ages, the Plague of the Dead has spread through Europe, Africa and Asia giving rise to the darkest time in history. Now, in the year 1514, heroes from the New Kingdoms are ready to fight to reconquer the World. Ultima Forsan is a game of wild adventures and deadly dangers, set in a macabre alternate version of our Renaissance.
Ultima Forsan is a setting for Savage Worlds that takes place during a zombie apocalypse in the Renaissance with clockpunk technology. Or as I like to call it, Leonardo DaVinci zombie hunter.
I got together with +Bill Lear, +Manuel Sambs and +Matt Stark to play this incredibly deadly and fun game called Ultima Forsan from GG Studio in Italy. It takes place in an alternate Renaissance during a zombie apocalypse.
If you ever thought Savage Worlds is too kind on players and not gritty enough, please listen to this. Edited by the one and only +Harrison Hunt, this is full of sound effects and ambiance music. Famous Italian Savage Worlds writers even make appearances as NPCs.
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