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About this Community
This is the official Google+ Community for the Savage Worlds tabletop role-playing game and Showdown miniature skirmish game.

Community Rules
Note that this community is held to the same rules that govern the PEG Forums. Those rules can be found here:

Asking to Join
If you're requesting to join and your G+ profile is mostly empty, you will likely be rejected as a potential spammer. It's best to put a little information about yourself in your profile or even show Collections or other Communities you follow so that we can learn more about you. If you have a friend who is already a member of this community, feel free to ask them to verify you in a community post on your behalf prior to submitting your request.

As a member of this community, you are encouraged to share product news or blog posts, schedule events, discuss your campaigns and characters, exchange house rules, etc.

Providing Context
If your post is not directly related to Savage Worlds, you must provide context as to why the content is relevant. Don't just post here because you're posting to every RPG community on Google+.

Asking for Official Answers to Rules Questions
If you're asking rules questions and seek official answers from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, please post on one of the respective PEG forums in the community links.

Using Categories
Please try to use appropriate categories for your post.

Rules & Advice: Posts about how to adjudicate something in the game. If seeking an official answer, please post in the PEG forums.

Publishers & Products: For publishers or fans to discuss Savage Worlds products, Kickstarter campaigns, etc.

Community Creations: For conversions or custom rules you want to share a link to.

Blogs & Podcasts: For articles or podcasts you want to share. If the article is actual game content, use Community Creations.

Cool Tools: Typically things like dice, playing cards, custom Area of Effect templates, useful software, etc.

Online Games: Call for players in your online game using Roll20, Fantasy Grounds or a PbP.

Live Broadcasts: The space for a live video chats.

Cons & Meetups: For those of you who prefer to get your gaming on in the physical world.

Tales from the Table: Share that epic story or gaming experience.

Showdown Rules: For discussion about the Savage Worlds Showdown rules.

Trading Post: For selling, buying, or trading stuff with fellow fans.

Remember to be respectful and polite and to use the appropriate categories.

As always, keep it Fast! Furious! Fun!

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Meet Takumi, the newest iconic character (and free download PDF) for Seven Worlds! The brightest medical mind in the Seven Worlds may be an unhinged mind as well… but hey, seeing visions of horrifying monsters invading your planet will do that to you. Are these the ravings of an unhinged mind, or a psionic prophecy of the future?

Read more about Takumi and download the full background and character sheet at

Takumi is just one of the many stretch goals unlocked during our successful Seven Worlds Kickstarter. And stay tuned for more stuff coming soon!

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Has anyone designed a printer friendly character sheet with the new rules updates from Flash Gordon?
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