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We are thrilled to announce that the setting preview for The Monster Hunters Club is now available from DriveThruRPG! This is a setting for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. CCS Games is partnering with Fabled Environments, who will be publishing the setting. Watch for our Kickstarter coming in October!

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Something stirs in the dark, something of myth and legend... the Fables walk among us! Prepare yourself for the newest Setting Kit from Tricky Troll Games! Fable Hunters is about a secret society of heroes dedicated to hunting and killing mythical creatures such as goblins, dragons, fey, and trolls who hide amongst humans in modern day society. This Urban Fantasy setting kit will be releasing in October!

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A lot of people have trouble understanding the chase rules, and some people simply dislike the mechanics. So here's a blog post on the subject, where I discuss how I explain chases to new players, and show how the rules can be streamlined.

Watching Star Trek Discovery!Hope it lives up!

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How would you handle a 1890s diving suit like this?

I was thinking basically use the evac suit with the magnetic shoes from "The Salvage of the USS Kaine" in the Core Rules:

Diving Suit: +1 toughness. Cuts their Pace by half and inflicts a –2 penalty to all physical actions under water.

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Today's topic:
Why does Savage Worlds lend itself to the one-shot or convention game.

Give it a read and tell me why you think it does. Or, tell me where you think I'm wrong!

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#DramaScape's #SpaceShipBundle is on sale until the end of the month. The bundle is normally 50% off the purchase price, but is now 75% off the purchase price of the ships individually! 12 maps for 11.97! That's less than a dollar a map!

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The September Settings Sale is on and we have some goodies up for grabs.
If you played Fuhgeddaboudit! and don't have the awesome sequel yet, now is your chance!
The two Winter Eternal adventure guides in pdf are also available at sale price.
Don't miss out!

Everyone seems to like the modular GM screen from Pinnacle. It initially struck me as odd, but I think I'm coming around.

Do you guys use the official inserts? If so are some of them more useful than others? Any that should be avoided?

What about community created options? Any useful ones there?

The settings I'll be most likely to use are:
Savage Worlds Deluxe Core
Realms of Cthulhu
Deadlands Reloaded
Last Parsec
Fantasy Companion
Sci Fi Companion
Horror Companion

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So +Kristian Serrano posted a link to a half off coupon for Wild Card Creator (found here: and I thought I'd give it a spin.

I downloaded the demo and I'm having some problems that could just be demo version issues. First - it won't load The Last Parsec for me, but it did load my Sci Fi Companion. TLP is listed as supported on the author's website.

Also it seems to have no access to anything that requires web access, although it doesn't appear as if my OS is blocking it. Any ideas? Are these not issues in the full version? Anyone? +Eric Lamoureux?


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