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Savage Rifts Big Game Hunters?

After opening a big sandbox up to my players in the Rifts, they have decided they want to be BIG GAME HUNTERS who go after kaiju!

I plan to use the Gigantic Raging Monster stats as the base, but really I could use some advice on how to run a monster of the week campaign where the monsters will all basically be the same (with some different monstrous abilities to keep it interesting).

What would be the basic structure of an adventure where they research, stalk, and kill a kaiju?

Also, are there any other monster hunting savage settings I could steal from? Rippers for example?

Thanks in advance, Savages!

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Just some updates from Fabled Environments:

Buccaneer: We will have the first set of adventures for Buccaneer out to backers and available for sale this week. Second set is running through editing and layout and will be available soon.

Monster Hunter Club: As you know, Darren has had a heck of a time dealing with a family member who was ill and subsequently died. That would be rough for anyone! He is catching up. The writing is nearly done and he is in the process of ordering art. Chapters are enroute to the editor and the layout artist is itching to get his hands on the project. :-)

Olympus Inc: The preview document will be out soon for The Pelion Report. This is the second book in the series. It contains some meat you can actually use in your game right now. We will launch the Kickstarter in about a month.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!

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Wow! What a really cool review! We always knew that Buccaneer was something special, but it is always awesome to see someone who agrees!

Here is a small snipet of the review.
"All in all, Buccaneer brings everything to the table you might need for a pirate game and makes a big effort to improve the rules where they would otherwise hinder or slow down the game. Well done!"

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A character for Savage Worlds.

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The 5 Star rated Ghost Ops is now half price for just one week, so grab it while its cheap, and by doing so you will get 20% off the physical books when they drop, hows that for a bargain.

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Savage Ghost Ops is currently half price until the 27th August. Also by buying the PDF you get the physical book at 20% off so check it out.

Ghost Ops brought to you via Ennie Nominated Publisher FeralGamersInc
Savage Ghost Ops
Savage Ghost Ops

is there any info as when FG action cards will be available for kisckstarter backers?

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Still room in games folks for Nerds-International Virtual Convention II. Come join us as we host and play some games the weekend of September 15th and 16th!

if you want to sign up to play in a game, there are open slots and you should go here-

If you would like to sign up to run a game, you should go to this link-

Want more info about the con? Go here-

Thank you everyone and we hope to see you there!
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Necronomicon 2018 in Tampa, FL

I'm gonna be running 4 games at Necronomicon 2018 in Tampa, FL this year! My games are approved and have time slots. Its been a few years since I've been back to Necro, really excited to be going and running some games.

Friday October 19th
Goonies meets the Ghostbusters 4pm-8pm

Saturday October 20th
Kung Fury II: Fury Harder 10am-2pm
Trailer Park Shark Attack! 4pm-8pm

Sunday October 21st
Fuhgeddaboudit! 10am-2pm
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