What do you consider the "must have" races for a fantasy world? From classic medieval fantasy to cyberpunk or even fantasy in space (lasers and magic) what races do you HAVE to have for the game to feel complete?

Notice vs "natural" perception.

Is Notice supposed to be a general perception skill or are there reasons why general everyday perception such as hearing couldn't just be a Smarts roll and Notice rather represents a rarer training in reading people and drawing logical conclusions?

The reason I'm asking is partly because I'm genuinely uncertain what RAI is here (what decides when something is a skill or nor) as well as not being a fan of having skills such as Guts to do things that really the Atrributes should handle on their own.

Apocalypse Now Now

Hey guys. On Monday I posted a link to Apocalypse Now Now, a setting we would love to create for Savage Worlds. I should have included a bit more info, so here is a bit more detail.

*We are chatting to Charlie Human, the author of an amazing set of books. We feel it would make an awesome Savage setting and we would love to hear what you think. We want to share community comments with Charlie as part of our pitch.
The book is called "Apocalypse Now Now". It is an urban fantasy story based in Cape Town, South Africa. It's been called "Neil Gaiman meets Quentin Tarantino" and is pretty great. It turns the standard urban fantasy setting idea on its head. It features monsters from local myths and stories like the tokoloshe, a gremlin type monster I grew up hearing about. Charlie has some great ideas for races and classes for the book as well. For example you could play an Afrikaans (and talk like Wikus from District 9) or Zulu supernatural bounty hunter. Witch-doctors and sangomas are a part of the African culture as well and there will be a lot more to add, trust me. We will talk more about game details when we meet later.
We feel this will be something different that most gamers have not experienced before, a step away from the standard western urban fantasy settings with monsters, enemies and stories every one knows. Cape Town alone offers so many different scary monsters and ghosts, now combine it with Charlie Human's amazing ideas from his books and we are sure this could be a winner.*


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"And so it begins:" The Seven Worlds Kickstarter is now live! Don't pass this opportunity to support a unique hard science-fiction game for Savage Worlds, with award-winning scientific detail, new rules for space combat, a campaign that according to reviewers "could make for a great TV series", 3-D starmaps for PCs and tablets, and much more!


(In case you're wondering where the "And so it begins" quote comes from: It comes from this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qYbVQu7YAQ. If you know who he is, then you probably have an idea what Seven Worlds is all about :) )

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Pictures of Noche de Ratas.

The pdf´s buyers will recive in the next days a private link to buy a A5 physical version on Lulu´s shop if they wish.

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There are four Savage Worlds RPGs on Kickstarter at the moment. I do a blog about RPG Kickstarters and this week I focus on those four:

- The Monster Hunters Club
- Titan Effect
- Frozen Skies
- Seven Worlds


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So while I was sitting at home, recovering from being sick, I decided to write about a few variant benny rules to use in my home games.

Take a look and let me know what you think of them! I'm pretty sure these have been thought of before, but maybe there is an idea here you may want to use.


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Coming to Aethercon: Bureau 13: Roach Hotel!


There have been stories of giant roaches in New York City for years. That is until one of them kidnapped a police officer. Team Fremont is on the job and will they find the lost officer and the Giant Cockroach of Harlem?

Sign up and find out!

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DriveThruRPG is running its Halloween sale for the next two weeks. There are 388 Savage Worlds products available at 31% off! https://goo.gl/C8aED8
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