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I bought a Bowser Junior plush the other day so a new video, detailing his backstory: DK and Bowsers Retarded British Adventures Episode 6: The Son, will be out soon. Also, I shall use him as Baby Bowser in the 'Silly Shenanigans of the Baby Mario Bros.' series because that series needs a villain.
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It's been 2 years since my young mind started this group. sniff

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I think Pikachu likes my Nintendo Switch a bit too much! Lmao #PikachuAsAPet #NintendoSwitchesAreBetterThanGirlfriends

Is this place dead?


Happy new year

Hey everyone!
This is Sullivan Swami (SMS UK) on my backup account.
I accidentally signed myself out of G+/YouTube on my Laptop so I will be using this account in the meantime
~Sullivan/ SMS UK
Here! Here's the reason why I need a backup account in times like this!

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Lol. This is a meme I made.

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Please ask a question in the comments of youtube for Ask The Cast!
Wach vid for more info!
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