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Looking For Images For Your Posts & Infographics?

Calling all social media marketers, graphic designers and bloggers. Here's a cool set of professional images to color your blog and social media posts. Get em right away :-)

To download the PRO package, click => <=
45 Professional Cartoon Images with Unlimited Usage Rights - The $17 PRO Package.

Give a Fresh Look to Your Blogs, Websites and Social Profiles.

Good evening guys. As you know, it's the picture that grabs our attention in a post, isn't it? Check my stream and you can see how much visibility my posts receive and the images I include with my posts definitely plays a key role behind the amount of engagement my posts get.

Here's your chance to bring the same or better results to your stream too, a pack of high quality images with unlimited usage rights, yes.

You might have seen the free cartoon characters we've designed as an exclusive offer to my Google+ circles (which is still available here: ).

Well, this is the PRO pack I've created for professional marketers and bloggers - a total of 6 different characters in 45 action designs. You'll also receive the 17 images in the free set which makes it a total of 62 professional images.

Format of images.

All the character images are in high quality (1000X1500 pixels) transparent PNG format. That means you can add them to any background or with other images.

To download the PRO package, click => <=

Yes, it's the payment link and as soon as the transaction is completed, the characters set will be delivered instantly.

Your usage rights.

* You can use these images in any number of (unlimited) websites and blogs.

* You can include these images in banners, flyers, your sales pages, and any other advertisements or websites.

* You can modify the images, change colors, crop etc. according to your requirements.

* You can use these images in any/all social platforms.

* No author credit, link back, mention etc. is required, the images are not watermarked either.

The only thing you can't do with this is, you can’t sell my work to someone else. What you’re given is unlimited personal usage rights. You cannot offer these images to someone else for free or for a price. :-)

It's time to think about a next set and I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful support you're given to the first edition :-) Please let me know if you have any questions, download issues or so.

#royaltyfreeimages #cartoons #copyrightfreeimages

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El mes de la madre aún no termina de celebrarse, el pasado fin de semana, el viaje de ser madre primeriza regresó al teatro Luis Poma. Leé la reseña en:

Con especial colaboración de Alex Martínez en fotografía.

#BabyBoomEnElParaíso #ReginaCañas #RobertoSalomón #AnaIstarú #Comedia #TeatroLuisPoma #ElSalvador #Reseña #Teatro 

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Extended DISC Assessments has new #infographics on each DISC profile! Learn more about what DISC is at #DISC #DISCassessments #DISCprofiles #DISCinfographics
4 Photos - View album

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The Revenue Streams of the Five Largest Tech Companies via +Visual Capitalist #Apple #Microsoft #Alphabet #Amazon #Facebook

* Facebook and Alphabet each make the vast majority of their revenues from advertising (97% and 88%, respectively)

* Apple makes 63% of their revenue from the iPhone, and another 21% coming from the iPad and Mac lines

* Amazon makes 90% from its “Product” and “Media” categories, and 9% from AWS

* Microsoft is diverse: Office (28%), servers (22%), Xbox (11%), Windows (9%), ads (7%), Surface (5%), and other (18%)

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You spend hours writing your #resume, perfecting it over and over again, but the recruiter only takes 8-10 seconds to go through it before deciding if you should be considered for an appointment.

This is why it is extremely important that you grab the attention of the recruiter in the smallest span of time. This is where #infographic resumes can come in handy #career #tips #jobs

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Gifographics - A Big Steps to Animated Infographics

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Turn the tables - 20 Smart and Compelling Job Interview Questions to Ask Potential Employers (Infographic)

How do you turn the tables during a job interview? Ask clever questions to get noticed for the right reasons! Do what’s expected of you at a job interview and explore these clever questions to ask potential employers.

Read more:

#jobinterviewquestionsforemployers   #cleverjobinterviewquestions  
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