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I know many of you have the skills to make your own, but I thought I'd share this simple log sheet I've started using in my campaign. I found I was always keeping track of this stuff on various scraps of paper anyway, so I might as well organize things!

- Basic adventure details
- The Party
- Up to three battles
- Adventure highlights (Particularly cool or amusing events)
- Continuity & Follow-ups (I find I always have lots of things the players want to look into or changes to the world I don't want to forget)

Suggestions for tweaking this are welcome!


The Assistant Beast-Keeper in my campaign has the skill FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE.

It's name is so vague that neither my player nor I are certain of how to apply it, other than to "anything weird".

How do you guys apply/define this skill? 

Has anyone made a fillable playbook?

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Submitted respectfully for your review, a mish-mash of DCC and BtW. I admit that the DCC flavor is less vanilla and more 'drunken freewheeling in the style of my usual DCC buddies'

But I am intrigued and touched by the nature of the session-0 of BtW so much that I wanted to offer something back. If you wish to give input or criticisms of whatever sort, feel free to shoot them at me and +Jarrett Crader
Hey e'rybodies:

Me and +Jarrett Crader made a thing. This is our first attempt to hybridize/cross-breed/corrupt the gentle and nurturing Beyond The Wall collaborative process with the awful gonzo weirdness of Dungeon Crawl Classics

To use them effectively, you'll need some BtW character playbooks, from wherever you might get them - this early version is art free (because I am tired). If you give us some feedback or suggestions then maybe I will gussy it up some and me and J.C. can refine and improve. Thanks and much admiration - strife, toil, adventure, and riches be upon you!

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Good stuff here for BtW content in a pinch or on the fly...

Beyond the Wall "mini" GM Screen.

@John Cocking, I hope this is okay that I am doing this. I am not trying to violate IP at all and I am not going to post this to DriveThru or anything like that like the Silent Sage guy did. I assume violation of IP is why it is not up on DriveTrue? Do I have approval to do this as a home-brew aid for the community? If not let me know and I will take it down. T'would be a shame tho...

So I have put together a mini GM screen which has 4"x6" panels. This should fit the Worlds Greatest Screen mini by Hammerdog Games (I love this product, google it, I am in no way affiliated..). Or if you want it totally can be DIYed on cardboard or index cards.

Note: There are currently 13 panels which is 1 more than the 12 on The Worlds Greatest Screen mini but there is a reason for this. Alternate Saving throws or Regular Saves can be used and I wanted people to be able to use the panels that are important to them and their play styles and drop others.

Question for the community, any other panels that are important at the table top that I should add?


How do I get a copy of Silent Sage's(+Dale Meier?) Beyond the Wall GM screen and reference pack now that it is no longer on DriveThru?

Sorry, one more question. I have these pretty cool cards for luck, crit hits, fumble, etc but the are for 5E. Can anyone think of what the closest mechanic to advantage/disadvantage and DC _ checks are in Beyond the Wall?

Running my first real in person session of BtW with two people from my game group and some new folks from Any advice to have things run smoothly and have strangers feel comfortable?

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We've got a few things to share:

A new add-on about village live, called Hearths and Homes. It includes a Scenario Pack, a Threat Pack, and a Character Playbook.

We've also updated the Goblin Infestation. Now called The Wicked Dark, it has grown to include a Threat Pack, The Goblin Raiders, and a Character Playbook called The Goblins' Child.
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