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Hey everyone. Is there anyone on this forum that lives in the Netherlands and would be willing to lend me an Asus Zenfone AR for a few days? I developed my app, RealView, on Lenovo and I would like to test it on Asus. It should work in theory, but in practice you never know. I am willing to pay rental costs if needed. Thanks!

In what format,where and how the data is stored in ADF file.Can we retreive data stored in ADF file ? Please help.

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I extracted arcore-preview.aar. Then Tango SDK exists in the directory. That is to say, I guess AR Core SDK is only the wrapper of some of Tango SDK.
Perhaps, you might be able to build Tango with ARCore SDK(.aar file) if you refer to Tango's API.

Dear Google, if you didn't have plan or roadmap Tango, then why Asus launched Asus Zenfone AR. And why are you not releasing ARCore SDK for this device?

Understand my frustrating I purchased this phone just for development and after two months you launched ARCore. Just Why???? You guys could have announced before launching Asus Zenfone AR that Tango will be discontinued.

Now I am pretty much sure no OEM will make this tango device simple two reasons 1. Bad battery life, 2. Cheap option available with ARCore.

What the heck as a developer I am supposed to do now. As neither there is an audience for the tango apps nor this device support ARCore.

Hi , I want to ask if Google stop lunch new phones run Tango project and just keep developing ARcore ?

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Hello guys,

I want to instantiate a Path Between the current position of the camera and an AR object placed in the scene. The Path should avoid entering walls. I have thought about finding the floor and then find the tango point clouds which are at the same height as the floor and then somehow create a path which connects those point clouds until he reaches the proximity of the AR object.

Have anyone tried to achieve this kind of behaviour before and if so how they managed to achieve it?

Thank you very much!

Hi Guys,

I have just started playing around with Tango using the Asus Zenfone AR. I followed the getting started examples on the Tango website step by step. However, when I build the app to Asus Zenfone AR, I am not able to open the app at all. I keep having the "app keeps stopping" notification. Any one know why? I am using Unity 2017.1 pro and the latest Tango Unity SDK.

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