Would it be possible to output the tango phone sensor data over USB serial and stream the data into my desktop? When I use the USB manager from the android side it doesn't seem to be able to find my desktop as a USB device. I was wondering if anybody could help me out. Thanks!

I have the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and a Nvidia Jetson TX2 dev board. If I'm basing my dev on the Tegra, is there a straightforward way to pull in the sensor feed from the Tango?

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I need to build a robot based on Tango Tech
i see that Qualcomm SnapDragon 820 is support Tango
This is the evalution board DragonBoard 820
who can help me to get the 3 sensor:
*Motion Tracking camera
*Time of Flight deph camera
*RGB Camera




~~Quick Robot Update~~
-Pathfinding works super well!
-Finding and scanning 42 buckets under 4.3min Edit Color blobs.
-Tensorflow only sees submarines ... I don't know what went wrong with the data... I mean trees are submarines, the yellowstone tablet is a submarine..
.... we are all submarines...
-Compile time of an apk can take up to 5min at the least due to TF.

Will post video soon.

Where can i'get Google Tango Tablet?

Any one willing to help me with project tango development . I want to develop a library for facial recognition in java for android. I'm thinking to do something with this . If any one can take part with on this project let me know.

Как установить камеру LG G4 на 16 мегапикселей,если у меня на 8 мегапикселей?

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We think Tango is a great add-on for DIY robotics? So, we developed a Tango App prototype that allows a robot mower to navigate within it's working area (user defines perimeter via touchscreen), and it seem to work outdoor too. We have not seen any outdoor localization robot using a Tango phone yet, so here it is :-) I added a short summary so it's easier to understand why Tango works and how: http://grauonline.de/wordpress/?page_id=2109

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Will robot mowers use camera-based navigation like Tango (instead of wire) in future? working prototype http://www.ardumower.de/index.php/de/forum/navigation-odmetrie-gps/1174-google-tango-robot-mower-hacking?start=40#11667

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I was Yes yes yes, with my developer we said we would make Phab 2 pro the first MR reality by locking the dual camera to the AR and outputting the screen in VR cardboard format live, but this dickhead gave up, who will make this now?

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