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Ouch! Wanted this phone, but bad battery life is a "no go" perhaps when iOS makes augmented reality a big "thing" hopefully Google will create a decent pixel/Nexus phone too jump start it's market?

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for help with beta testing a new project I'm working on. Thought I would introduce it to you guys and pick your brains a bit :)

Once you read this, if you’d like to help us out, please sign up with your email address here:

My friends and I have been working on a bunch of location based AR projects and we ran into a lot of issues trying to accurately position virtual content in Unity after creating ADFs. We also wanted to add a lot of videos, images and models in the scene and it was painful to keep updating the app or asset bundles every time we wanted to make changes to the content.

So we built some tools to simplify our workflow.

1. A tool to mark points of interest (POIs) directly in the mapping application. Our mapping app outputs an ADF and a list of POI descriptors
2. A library that synchronizes assets such as ADF and multimedia files with cloud storage.
3. A web app that lets us modify content, without having to go through the Unity build process and push an app update.

Basically this means we can create location based AR content very efficiently. We're working on adding more scripting capabilities to the assets to support javascript based 3D content and I was hoping to get your thoughts on where we should take this next. We’re about to release an early version of our mapper app and I’ve made a walkthrough video to show you a quick example of how you can use it.

Once you sign up, I'll send you all the test link shortly. You can sign up here:


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The article fits very well to my experiences.

I switched off the fingerprint sensor as it unlocks the fone in my pocket. When using Constructor, even when connecting an external battery, the battery level of the fone decreases.

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The point cloud generated by Apple ARKit with iPhone/iPad without 3-D camera is highly noisy.

However, one of the advantages of the current combination of ARKit with iPhone/iPad is that the measurement distance is limitless if you can translate large enough your iPhone/iPad.

You could even measure the moon by using an iPhone/iPad IF you could translate (i.e. without rotating) enough your iPhone/iPad.

The passive 3-D measuring method (photogrammetry, stereo vision, multi-view geometry) will govern in 5 years. The active method (laser scanner) will disappear.

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Whatever happened to VPS? I signed up to the Closed Beta but haven't heard a peep! Has anyone else?

Also I recently got to start Development with Hololens, not exactly as good as tango is some respects but far better in others. Really interesting tech!

Has anyone figured out how to build Tango apps with Unity 2017.2 yet? Conceptually it makes sense to me so far but I'm getting crashes on my Zenfone whenever I build to it from 2017.2 even when I'm only using the builtin Unity Tango functionality.

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Hi, I am considering Tango architecture now. When I saw the below image, I can't understand a few things.
First, is "Tango Sevice" of "Tango Process" equal to Tango Core? Second, does the part of "Java Helper Library" mean Java APIs?
If so, Tango Service abstracts Tango APIs and directly communicates to HW layer(ex. SoC)...Right?

I have some feedback on both the Unity and Unreal plugins/sdk wrappers. Google should really make it easier to access the camera texture, both for feeding into shaders, manipulating in fun ways or getting the raw pixels for stuff like image recognition.

p.s. Is there any more appropriate place to post feedback like this and/or is this the best place?

Hi I'm wondering how much does the Tango compare with Kinect? I am exploring Kinect's applications in human motion capture, and it seems Tango should be able to do this too. What is the current capability of Tango for mocap? I think Microsoft is phasing out Kinect so it is an opportunity for Tango to fill.
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