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bonjour bonjour
je suis grand maitre spiritualiste
j'aide les gens à resourdre tous leurs problèmes.
parmis lesquelles nous avons problème
;d'argent physique
,de vol
et d'autres problèmes spirituels
je met à votre disposition tous mes produits

Je me norme maître DEHIVI, je suis guerisseur, feticheur et marabout
je suis praticien des sciences occultes.
Si vous voulez metre fin à vos souci veuillez me contacter par mon
numéro : +229 99732799 ou me recontacter par e-mail :
⛩ consulter le fa
⛩ finir avec la pauvreté
⛩ finir avec la malchance
⛩ avoir de grands savon et parfum de chance, d'attirance de clientèle
⛩ trouver de l'amour
⛩ reprendre son ex (Retour à l'affection)
⛩ exceller dans vos commerces et activités
⛩ être redoutable et aimée au boulot
⛩ reprendre un poste de travail perdu ou un poste supérieux
⛩ attiré la clientèle sur son lieu de travail
⛩ faire désenvouter
⛩ lutter contre les sorciers et les mauvais espri
⛩ vaincre la stérilité et avoir d'enfants
⛩ récupérer vos dettes ou prendre l'argent de force avec quelqu'un
⛩ rendre son conjoint docile
⛩ facilité l'accouchement
⛩ séduire une fille
⛩ taire une affaire en justice
⛩ contre accident et contre vol
⛩ contre dispersion d'argent (akouegbado)
⛩ vite construire ou vite vendre sa maison ou terrain
⛩ contre sorcellerie
⛩ abandon de tabac et d'alcool etc....
⛩ Peu importe le problème qui vous dérange, vous aurez une remerde efficace.

NB : Il ne s'agir pas seulement d'avoir des problème avant de me
consulté. Toute êtres humain qui vie et qui respire ont un guide
spérituel. Parfois la chance de certaine personnes s'apaise à cause de
leur guide juste parcequ'il ne save pas comment fonctionné. Pour en
savoir plus veuillez me recontacter ou me joindre depuis mon numéro de
téléphone : +229 99732799 

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I made it. :) I know it's poorly done though. :)

₩ Why hello there ₩

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"Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat."

Name~ Averi Ann Earlinger

Nickname~ Averi

Age~ 17

Gender~ Female

Year~ 7th

Patronus~ Horse

Wand~ 13 1/2 inch unicorn hair and oak wood

House~ Ravenclaw

Likes~ Reading, Art, Flying, Playing fair, Following rules

Dislikes~ Cheaters, Snakes, Bullies, Rulebreakers

Personality~ Bossy, Shy, Outgoing when you get to know her

Bio~ She was born in America, but moved here when she was 9. She started at Hogwarts at the age of 14, in the fourth year. She loves art and is very creative, and she hates breaking rules. She is a natural flier. When she was 5 years old, she got bitten by a snake, which led to fear of snakes.

Boggart Getting told off for breaking rules

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Name: "My name is Jacob Grimsworth."

Nicknames: "Oh... Nicknames-... Megan calls me Jakey all the time."

Wand: 12.5 in. Cedar wood. Phoenix feather.

Patronus: "I hear Polar Bear."

Age: "I'm fifteen!"

Siblings: "My older sister Megan. That's all."

House: "I was sorted to House Slytherin. The... You know. Best house."

Strengths: "I'm taking advanced Charms classes now! I'm picking up Defense classes too. I really enjoy Illusion."

Weaknesses: "I'm not too great at potions... At all. Alchemy really isn't my thing-... Th-Though I love learning, so I'm willing to eventually take a class or two."

Bio: "Ah... I... I don't know if I'm comfortable yet sharing myself. I'd like to know you a bit more before that... I'm terribly sorry. I guess I can say that I enjoy staying tranquil as I am, but a little mischief here and there never hurt, did it?"

Of course you'd never see Jacob dress as informally as in this photo. The photo was more for facial features and hair.

(Closed +Becca the Unicorn​)

dylan was sitting in ravenclaw common rooms hoping to come across alex

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Name: "Hello, my name is Ashley Tornstump"

Nickname(s): "Some call me Ash"

Gender: "Female of course!"

Age: "I am 14 years of age, thankyou"

Year: "I am in year 5 at the school at the moment"

House: "The mighty Ravenclaw!"

Wand: "It is silver and shiny, with markings of a dragon all around it. Personally, I wouldn't think of any wand that's better!"

Blood Status: "Negative B"

Best Subject: "I do enjoy Destruction Lessons...however Illusion is just as good"

Worst Subject: "Well that has to be the Alchemy and Plant-Life classes...ugh, horrible lessons!"

Likes: "Well, i am very into Reading and Exploring...but also attacking ones who do not cooperate with me....i get in trouble for that quite a lot...that is why i get into detention quite a lot...i do also enjoy flying and playing with my dear kitty"

Dislikes: "Well Alchemy and Plant-Life and also Slytherin students....they annoy me at the most part but they also have a need to stomp on my i have to get it washed everyday!"

Strengths: "Teachers say i am quite good at Destruction Magic and also quite skilled at wind magic...why, i do like blowing people away with my wand"

Weaknesses: "Ah, well, Restoration magic is not one of my strong points and same with the Alchemy...i do not do well in potions or healing at all...."

Secret(s): "One secret is that i stole my cat from a pet shop many many years ago....the story is that i had a trip to the Muggle World and found a pet shop....i did not realise that you had to pay for your pets and so i had to run back to my train and i caught it just in time! quite an exciting trip i'd say!"

Favorite(s): "My favourite colour must be Teal or Ion colour...also Turquoise and black...I do have a favourite animal as well...Wolves...i'm going to learn a taming spell to be able to tame one of my own! I do have a favourite mythical creature is a Pegasus and a Griffon....i want to tame one too!"

Sexuality: "I am as straight as a stick! Unless the stick is crooked and bent and then i would be as straight as a pencil...unless the pencil has been broken....then i would be as straight as a sword....but the sword might have been bent by the dragon the wielder was slaying and yet i would refer to the sword before the fight took place and so in theory it should be as straight as me"

Relationship Status: "I am currently single....i do not wish to participate in activities such as boyfriends until i get good grades"

Friends: "i only enjoy the presence of my cat...that is all"

Patronus: "They say a Wolf....strange..."

Personality: "I think of myself as clever and brave as my tendency to say most of the answers and yet still have time for an adventure. I am also kind to once i think deserve it and yet destructive to ones i don't"

Bio: "Now for the story. I was born in London on the 17th of April...soon to become a wizard, i ventured forth...thinking it was time to get away from my abusive parents at only 10 years of age...soon finding the magical world of Hogwarts where i study for many many years. At 11 i seeked out to find a pet and so came back to the Muggle World to find a cute little pet shop named "Pets At Home" where i found my little Flame, a black tabby who i accidently stole from the shop, thinking that everything was free as i did not have any thought of money when getting my feline. Poor old me, ran to the train station and just got my train back to my home in Hogwarts. I named her flame due to the flame like eyes she bared. I now study mainly on Destruction (Type of destruction you may ask? Wind and Fire of course!) and also Illusion however i do not have a big study on that."

Pet: "Like i just said, Timothy my little black tabby Feline"

Comes from: "Yorkshire, England"

Appearance: "I am quite average in height however taller than most people, my hair is ginger and my eyes are hazel brown, I am a little freckly and has very pale skin...almost that of the Fairy Tale of Vampires!"
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Fang is walking around in the Ravenclaw common room while reading a book about horcruxes (don't know if I spelt it right) (Open) 
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