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I asked this on a OpenElec forum and in other comunity and no luck yet.

I have OpenElec 8.8.4 on a PC, I added as movies a local source "/storage/movies", for a TV Series "smb://OPENWRT/....." with user and Password,
when I do a Library Update it kinda does not passtrough "0% Analizing Peliculas(Movies) using The Movies Database..."
and never pass to the Series section.

I've tried to change the Movies data provider, but no luck.
I have to play any video to make it stop, but sometime it freezes and I have to rebooot it ssh, when OpenElec/kodi is like this if I go ssh and do a ping, it work, so not network troubles there.
I've tried changing the skin, from titan to default, but no luck either.
If I remove all the movies, it does it too.
this happened before, so I changed the HDD, but...

on my other PC with kodi on Arch this does not happens

Today I powered up my Openelec pc and after a repairing a lot of stuff, now when kodi starts, after a few seconds start to poping up msgbox to eanable or didable a lot of addons because dependencies errors or something like that.

I don't know what could had happened here, I have the 6.0.9... version or so, I don't know if it auto updated it self and broke something or....
Is there a ssh command so fix the dependecies error?
It could update to the 7.0.1 version, not really sure now

Maybe a boot up on select the repair option could help, or....

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Free HDHomerun? Yes please!

cheap but good box that will run openelec??

i have a g-box q2 , can someone help with the right files to install openelec on it.. i know my box can matricom sells one but i cant get them to respond back

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I installed OpenElec (KODI) on my laptop Thinkpad T61P.
I am trying to connect my VGA to my TV.
Since i do not see the laptop screen on my TV.
With normal window 7 ,another Thinkpad ,connect OK to a TV.
So electronically it is ok -the cable and connection.

I would like to know which flag i change on the software and how i reach it?
I understand i have to change something in the definition?
but where and how?
On the BIOS there is nothing !!
I saw this link

but it dose not help since i do not know how to implement it.

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Make your TV smart with a CEC adapter and Kodi. Review: USB CEC adapter from Pulse-Eight |

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Hi all, I've been having problems with my YouTube addon these past few days. It doesn't show my Watch Later option and my thumbnails are like the photo. Any ideas? I'm using openelec 5.0.8.
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Kodi Guide: Generate an xmltv.xml file with zap2xml
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