Would be great Tasker integration

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Hi all! would be great if you could upvote us on ProductHunt! https://www.producthunt.com/tech/staytuned

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Hi all, new build uploaded, some more fixing on location detection and battery improvements
... same link http://www.exclusive.staytunedapp.com  

Let us know how it works on your device! 


Staytuned team

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Hi all, new build uploaded, some fixes on location detection and notifications
hint: plug in your headphones and see the apps change :) 
... same link http://www.exclusive.staytunedapp.com  

have a nice weekend! 

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Hi everybody, quick question. What do you prefer as default as soon as you install Staytuned, 1. Having dynamic wallpapers that match your context? or 2. Keeping your current homescreen wallpaper as default? 
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1. Staytuned Dynamic Wallpapers
2. Your Default Homescreen Wallpaper

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New build uploaded
+Fixed issues that caused crashing during reboot
+Fixed issues related to incoming/outgoing calls

Remember to delete previous version, reboot your phone and then install the new build. 

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Hi all! We made some more updates on the version. You can get it now at the same link as before: http://www.exclusive.staytunedapp.com  

It now has notifications on it, which were pending on the last version. 

Hello Staytuned Super Users! We will be uploading a new version in this group tomorrow at 8.00 AM PST. It has a lot of great new features, but still needs a bit of work so it will be only available to you, our Super Users! Looking forward for your feedback and thanks for your ongoing support... 

Alex, Bernhard and Sachin


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Hello everyone! Thank you very much for waiting. Here is the latest version of Staytuned

You can install it by downloading it from this Google Drive link:

From now on, we will be working on your feedback from this version and updating the app as often as possible also here in the Super Users Community!

Speak out your thoughts/ideas and help us to make Staytuned better!

I would realy love to try this app but it seems it's incompatible with my Lenovo S750 even though it runs on Android 4.2. Any chance it'll be possible?
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