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They artistically designed their culture on square stones then laminated them on stone!! 
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If you don't know what and where this is you tripping. These are giant boxes made from Black Granite estimated to around 100 tons each in Saqqara Egypt its about 22 of them. Mainstream Egyptologist claim they was made for religious purposes to place bulls in them because they worshipped the bull... keep in mind mainstream historians feel that Egypt was a zealous religious culture creating temples and structures to worship there copious amount of Gods/ deities. The granite boxes has flat surfaces 90degree angles and a mirror gloss finish yet the only tools mainstream claim they had at time was copper chisels and wood tools. This going out to all the brother and sister that claim Egypt didn't deal with religion only spirituality and science !!! what do you think was the spiritual reason for making these boxes Do you agree with Mainstream they was made for placing dead bulls? If a culture made 100 ton granite boxes to place dead bulls in them how can you call that culture scientific wouldn't that make Egypt religious and I mean very religious? 
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My first of many post will be on the subject has the Medu Neter been deciphered!! I personally think it hasn't--- and what made me come to this conclusion is simply-- reading the book of the dead translation by Wallis budge!!. I can read the Bible and understand the stories within it although I disagree with the stories I do understand them but when I read the so called Book of dead it makes absolutely no sense to me. So either the translation is accurate and the primary text don't make sense or the primary text makes sense but the translation is the one that's make no sense. I have ask a few brothers that claim to be able to translate Medu Neter to explain a few lines from the book of dead but you know they never did!!

What gets me is these brothers doing all these teaching on Kemet but None ever do lectures straight from primary text like the so called book of dead.
Ask yourself why isn't these brothers teaching straight from the source? Why isn't it one lecture on Sa Neter where a brother or sister is breaking down a chapter from the Book of the dead ????

Don't you think the best way to teach someone about a culture is teach material directly from that culture???

The best way to teach about Kemet is use material that they wrote not what doc Ben wrote or any other master teach (RIP Dr Ben) or what the Greeks wrote because Greek nation started around 850bc that means bout time the Greek nation started the greatness of Egypt was over and done with because mainstream (falsely) date Egypt at around 3100 bc so that's a few thousands year different.

We claim The ancient world was dominated by black and brown skin yet it's no black ancient historians we can reference-- the oldest know historian was Herodotus (484Bc) -- that don't add up. Herodotus was modern compared to Egypt. Greece was modern compared to Egypt yet if you get a book from Theophile obenga or Br Ben the oldest reference they use is Greek. But Greek isn't a good source because there modern compared to ancient Egypt. This isn't a insult any of our master teachers. But if you reading a book about ancient Egypt and they oldest sources is Greek then the book won't be accurate THATS JUST COMMON SENSE.

I have coined a phrase called The black version of the white version of history which I feel most of or teacher died and living is teaching. On my next post I will touch on the black version of the white version of history which 90% of the brothers and sisters teach. 

A new way of thinking- a new way of learning -a new way of understanding!!! Factm
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