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🎼 Let's talk about swag, ba-by ...

---- English Version, german below ----

You are not registered for MD Hannover yet? Then hurry up, only those who get registered until Sunday, September 24th, 23:59 h, may look forward to personalized goodie in the free swag package.
So best register directly at:


Remember to register here, too to get the QR Code for Check-in:


We look forward to seeing you! 💙💚

---- Deutsche Version ----

Ihr habt euch noch nicht zum MD Hannover angemeldet? Dann aber schnell, denn jeder, der sich bis spätestens diesen Sonntag, den 24.09. um 23.59 Uhr anmeldet, darf sich über ein personalisiertes Goodie im Free Swag-Paket freuen.
Am besten ihr meldet euch direkt an:


Denkt auch an die Anmeldung bei uns, um den QR Code für den Check-In zu bekommen:


Wir freuen uns auf euch! 💙💚

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this is my recap of MissionDay Prague
-> https://youtu.be/lhwJG1fAMog

My YouTube-Channel:
-> https://bit.ly/madtixx


#ingress #ingressmd #missionday #ingressmissionday #mdprague #prague

Hi, me and my girlfriend didn't get our mission day... We were on second MD, but got in our profiles only one MD counted... It is almost one month and nothing... Can any1 help?

I ordered 3 sets of the mission day cards and I was wondering what was happening with them as I still haven't received anything. I don't know who is in charge of that.

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Hi Agents!

I'm looking for your videos/clips of this missionday for my next recap.

I already did some recaps:(YT-Channel)

[ why? ]
Because of bad technical difficulties (with my new phone)
during the whole MissionDay, I missed a lot of worthy motives.
I want this recap to show the beauty of this city and the fun
people had on missionday.

[ which scenes? ]
Scenes like...
-a nice view, place or building
-your team-mates hacking in front of some sight/place or the sight only
-special dressed agents
-agents having fun (for ex. drinkin' some "water" ;))
-agents posing
-agents jokeing into the camera
-agents hacking
-agents showing scanners
-teams with flags
-teams on vehicles
-teams at all
-lucky charms, mascots.. (like smurfs / frogs...)
-just running around through city
-something funny
-something unexpected

! It has NOT to be perfect sources. Just share with me your (shaky) sources
and I'll do the rest.. !

[ privacy ]
I respect privacy and can also blur/pixelate some faces/people
if they/you do not want to be indicated.

[ what you get ]
You'll get a mention (Agent / Team-Name / Country / Local-Faction-Site(Url)) in my recap video
and also in the description of the video.
If you don't want to be mentioned it is also ok.

[ how to share ]
Just share the link to the videos files with me
using the hashtag #help4madtixx

(G+Profile) https://bit.ly/madtixx-plus
you can also contact me in hangouts...

Please tell me also what I should use for credits..
it could look like this for example:
MadTiXx / IngResSaar / Germany / saargress.de

[ finaly ]
I would be realy thankfull if you share your clips with me
to help me showing this lovely city, the fun and
all the things the non-participating agents had missed... ;-)


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Please find all the additional pictures I submitted for your portals in Prague! ☺️
Prague portals
93 fotek - Zobrazit album

Hi all.
Excuse to ask that here if its not the good channel, but i would like to know if its normal i dont still have my MD medal? How long does it take normally ? It was my first MD lol so I dont know.
Tk you for yours answers.
See you soon.

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Pohyblivá fotka

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