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Joy, joy, joy!

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Found the problem and got it fixed like a pro.. For those who has databases where the capacity is more than what you could imagine. Here's a solution for the problems which may occur while you dump and restore.. This is an error which I came across and manage to fix it after a couple of search. So, I thought this little piece of information may give you a lucky shot at anytime in FUTURE if necessary...

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We have launched a really cool ANDROID-FIRST-APP called "Picment". We want to show the world, that you can launch successful Android-First-Apps. So please SUPPORT US by using Picment. Thanks!

Short Picment-Description:
With Picment you can literally listen to your photos. The voices, sounds and music around you are also captured with each photo. You will remember what was said, played and heard, not just what the moment looked like.

Picment works much better with friends. Create an account so you can share individual moments PRIVATELY with your friends and family, who will have a much more immersive experience with Picment than only looking at simple photos. If you have an Android-Smartphone, you can download Picment here:

We always appreciate feedback. Let us know what you think about Picment!

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These are the community rules in their most simple format. Please adhere to keep the community keen & clean.

RULES AS AT 04th Sept 13
01/. Standard community rules apply ~ no flaming, no trolling, no spamming.
02/. Use the "Report This Post" button ~ It is always best report abusive or unnecessary post rather than replying or arguing.
03/. Try and keep off-topics away ~ Give your fullest support to reduce junk posts.
04/. Do not cross post in multiple boards. ~ Avoid posting the same in different categories.
05/. Respect each-other ~ A community is to build mutual relationship between each-other. So, don't break the brother-hood. 
05/. Common communication & avoid bad language ~ English is universal, better using it wisely. Further, be polite to each-other and communicate.
06/. Avoid advertising & spamming ~ A community isn't your nor mine, its ours. We get nothing but happiness whilst sharing what know. Therefore, do not tear it down by promoting, advertising & spamming. 

P.S.: A kind request..!! Do not break this chain by posting browser crashing contents, links to malware/spywares, illegal contents.. etc.

-  You violate any of above said rules

-  You use post abusive contents, profane language.
- You interrupt a discussion, posting unnecessary replies continuously.
- You continue spamming & advertising.

This may change at any circumstance. Further, If you have any questions or issues or anything you'd like to talk to us about, feel free to post it under "Feedback!". An authorize community member will respond to you soon. :)

I hope you will enjoy sharing while caring.

Community Admin

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Finally, it a sweet new treat!!
Android KitKat
Android KitKat
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