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vision of humanity

 I see a time
 when all of humanity
 becomes one nation
A world
 living in harmony 
by symbiosis

A species
a single race
 no longer at war
 with itself
The community of humanity
 united by their love 
not separated by their hate

I no longer see
 the extremes
 of rich and poor
 bred by the inequity 
of the have's exploiting the have not’s

When a population
is no longer consumed
 by its hedonic pursuits
its fidelity is to
 humanism, altruism, compassion, tolerance and unselfishness

A vision of humanity
By which today
 you say I am
 just a wide-eyed dreamer and unrealistic
still I state unequivocally 
that this day is nigh
 coming bright
 as a mid afternoons sun 

At what time
 discovers its humanity
Is no longer a mass
 of locust consuming
 blindly into obesity
when we clean up our mess
 return this place 
back into the garden
 that it once was

This day is irrefutable
 since it is inevitable
faith is the strength
 but foresight is lucid as chi
for are we destined
 for goodness not evil
are we not scattered seeds 
of an immeasurable panspermia?

Within each and everyone of us
You deem judged
 the most vile to the most divine
we are all destined
 to walk the same path
that path is back to the source 
of the infinite cloud

What amazes me by far
is this future 
so rare perceive, 
too few embrace
at the tips of their fingers
 yet they feel it not
in front of their faces
still they see it not

But i know
 its there
 just as surly as you are here
 and i am not
It is you
 yet there is 
no you
nor i
 only us

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without borders...lemniscate

My compassion 
cannot be contained
 by any border

My empathy
 is not shackled
 by boundaries 

My love
cannot be halted
 by illusory constraints

My principles
 are border-less 

My values 

My aspiration 

i pledge
to what i decide

i refuse 
to be peered pressured
for patriotic manipulation
domestic consumption
 nor for exported exploitation

i bow before no flag
nor will i raise one
not to caged by any
 i eschew any and all

Of everything that i know
within an uncarved block 
with much room to spare
above all

Gems are

i seek
the weak
share the strong
i admire the poor
disdain opulence

This world is my country
of which I own nada
but the breath I just took

Anti-theism is my religion
servitude  my career
humanity is my family
all life my kin

We are all attached atomically 
to the universe
we are all biologically bonded
to life
 we are chemically connected 
by inseparable placenta
to this good earth

I am awed 
I am new born
yet every quark goes back 
to the beginning
and far beyond

i am humbled 
that I am nothing 
but temporal connections
in flux

i am astounded 
that the trillions 
that consists of me
are in itself
 an ecosystem
 of  us

we consider us them me-none
without borders

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تو هم یک انسانی با حقوق برابر

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For these children, we pray for all the sick to pray

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Poverty bitter truth

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If we are human after destroying poverty

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Life was hard for you.
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