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The Ultimate Game Table, with its built in electric lift mechanism is  the biggest innovation in the history of poker tables. 

This is the pinnacle of luxury game play and entertainment

Features Include

1. Whiskey and spirit bar that rotates 360 degrees
2. Electric lift mechanism that makes the center of the table rise
3. Choice of finishes
4. Choice of fabrics
5. Made from the finest hardwoods
6. Discreet and secure storage for your favorite beverages
7. Poker vault and card storage

Triangle Billiards is an authorized dealer for The Ultimate Game Table. 

Call Triangle at 866-941-2564 for more information or to order yours. Mention youtube and get a generous discount.

See Triangle Billiards or Triangles Game Room Gallery for all your game room needs

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i cannot find the game y????

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Hey everyone! Just thought I would share this with you. This is a community I just created for pool, billiard and snooker players too! I am a professional pool table installer and have been for a decade now. So if you are interested, please check us out and maybe even join.

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Great trick shot, and execution MUST WATCH MOVIE TOO! 

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10 Rules of Sharking:

#1 Know your prey. Sharks learn about prospects in advance. Many potential Sharks make good starts at establishing fruitful relationships but forget that maintenance and cultivation of contacts is just as important. People don’t like to be pushy, and so we have a tendency to give up too early and swim away. Sharks know that you have to stay in touch with every contact.
 #2  Circle and stay close. Sharking takes time. The key is to stay close to the prospect and at the first sign of need be ready to move. Do not expect to see results overnight. Once you set up a Sharking program you have to build relationships and gain trust.
 #3 Find a weakness. Sharks are good at finding problems, needs, wants and concerns. The key to finding opportunity is to find flaws in the fishes game.  A good Shark will give information on issues, and any unproductive activities. To lure in the other players lack of abilities. 
#4 Strike hard and fast. Sharks move fast when opportunity presents itself. There is a small window of opportunity that can be used to win without a formal presentation. Too much time allows needs to move on. Sharks always have a Fast Close process ready to go. Must be able to run table at all times!
#5 Have good vision. Sharks look beyond the obvious solution and try to understand the real problem. Every opportunity Sharks find has winners and losers. Sharks know how to navigate these and emerge as the winner.
#6 Silent is better then a loud splash. Sharks understand “less equals more.” The more a firm speaks about its capabilities, the less competent it appears.  Sharks know how to introduce just enough about their game to build trust, and subtly use technique. 
 #7 Know how to listen. The primary skills for Sharks consists of listening, knowing what questions to ask, questions not to ask, what to look for, what to ignore, and learning to recognize what the fish doesn’t see or know about their game that could lead to future hustle.
#8 Recognize profiles. Chemistry is the biggest secret in Sharking. Everyone is not alike, and we each make decisions based on our personality. Sharks understand this and use it to their advantage.
#9 Sharks win early. The proposal merely confirms a decision. Proposals are for losers. Most end up sitting and collecting dust. Sharks know to get a “yes” prior to writing a proposal.
#10 Follow a system. Sharks know new business is not random. Rather it is the result of hard work, dedication and having the right system. Nudges, Sharking Events, Communities, and Local Hangouts are all part of a strong system.
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