Do i get mega evolutions in pokemon glazed

Now that I think it's gonna happen I guess someone has to buy or download the torrent for RPG Maker VX Ace. Pokémon Insurgence and Pokémon Zeta and Omicron were made on this software.
From what I know from the previous few versions my cousin had.. It's cartography system is awesome.

So guys... want me add any accepted moves to the Movedex Doc? Am Checking on that daily.

Hello. I joined coz I might be needed here. And well I some help myself!

So, here's a post for all of our inevitable new members: do ask our mods questions about our game. This is the place to do it. They are all quite experienced and have been here since the early months of the project. Thank you. Teddy, out.

All right! Now that a lot of our new members are here, I can make my speech. Welcome to PPTC, thank you so much for joining, this may not seem like it but it's going to be fun. Sort of. This community was founded for the purpose of you guys asking us questions, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do. That aside, I hope you guys enjoy your time here!

Joined to help

This community needs more love.

There's one non-old time member here :P That's pretty funny

is it just me or is no one posting on this community?
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