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I made a more advanced version of my OC Hope! :3

(Art By Me)

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This is what I live for T.T

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(any humans wanna rp?)
*you walk through a long hallway (because hallway)
*suddenly Celest appears
(act options)
Touch Soul
Dog Bone
Let's be friends

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name: Soul & Celest
age: ?? (twins)
gender: male & female
species: a forgotten species destroyed in the human-monster war
soul: white, floats around him & black, floats around her
likes: dog bones and helping troubled souls & battle and dog bones
dislikes: hurting others & sharing food
personality: kind & loner
quotes: "its not her fault. she was raised that way so that she could destroy humans." "I'll trade this money for your dog bones" "human souls? nah. I prefer food." & "your soul is mine~" "I've got nothing better to do" "friends? umm...." "dog bones?!" "touch me again and your dead." "human souls are strong, right? Cool! I want to get one~"
abilities: soul drip (calling the soul of one of Jesus troubled spirits he has helped to help him) & soul drip (calling the souls of her dead enemies.)
check info: attack 2 defence 10 he's just here for his sister. & attack 7 defence 4 she's here for your soul~
health: 25
act options: dog bones, pet, ask to be friends, touch soul, compliment.

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Thank you for letting me join <3
Here's my profile thing :D
~Art by me~
Name: Hope
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Soul Color:Purple
Species: Angel
About: Was born and raised in Hotland, during childhood she constantly drew pictures and grew fascinated with the royal guard. Eventually she started venturing further from Hotland into Waterfall, there she found posters of bands from the surface and brought them home, she then started drawing pictures of the people on said posters.
Random stuff: She posts her art on Undernet, and her username is OneEyedAngel.
Her favorite food is Bratwurst, and her favorite drink is Cream soda.
She is a night owl (She tends to stay up late and get up late)
Though she admires the royal guard she would never join...
She hopes on the surface she could make a living out of her art.

"You've done something awful haven't you? No I'm afraid you can't repent for that" ~Genocide Route~
"Hello! Would you like a picture?" ~Pacifist Route~ 
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Name: Paul

Gender: boy

Age: 9-10

Species: human

Soul: a odd mix of blue and light blue.

Magic/weapons: a mystery. He has never used them because he doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Likes: jokes, video games, music, reading, friendship

Dislikes: fighting, mean people.

Bio: doesn't like fighting at all but will do it if necessary. Wants to try and make everyone his friend. Doesn't want to use his magic at all. But will if necessary. Don't let his age fool you. He can be dangerous.

Looks: short. With short brown hair. Wears a white shirt and a blue striped hoodie with different shades of blue being light and dark. Has jeans on and a blue hat.

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Name: Fran
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Lov: 1
Dislikes: Mean People
Powers: Has Magic. (No one knows.)
Personality: Nice, Loves Everyone and Everything, Get's Shy when meeting someone for the first time, and Loves to Cook.
Bio: Frisk's Twin Sister

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[Species]:Sprite like a Ghost
[Likes]: Lots of things
[Dislikes]: Not much
[Bio]: No Clue wat I'm doing with my life wasting time on bios
Animated Photo

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Name : Anthony (akira) Mageno
Race : saiyan
Age : 25
Gender : male
Bio: just another person who fell into the underground from deep within outer space

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Name: Amelia
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Soul: Human
Soul Color: Ice Blue
Bio: After falling down, she was found by Sans and Papyrus. They cared for her ever so dearly. She refers to them as Uncle Papyrus and Sans.  She doesn't feel really good around Frisk.
Powers: The exact same moves as Sans.
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Uncle Sans and Papyrus, friends, the snow, Temmie.
Dislikes: Frisk, insults, anyone being mean to Uncle Sans and Papyrus.
Theme: Stronger than you (version I'm talking about is by LittleJayneyCakes on Youtube)
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